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Make it Monday: Halloween Fun

20141102_224751 pamsmakeit

A collection of items for halloween.

 As always, these ideas originated from pinterest! The first is painted candle jars.


 I used basic paint and added PVA glue to it, about 1 1/3 glue to 2 1/3′s paint and I only used orange paint as I was making them pumpkins not monsters.


This method gives the colour a nice inner glow, but you do need to use several coats. Once it’s dry you can draw on the faces!


Then once it’s all dry, light them up baby!

20141101_213247 20141101_213251

Next up we have ghost leaves!


In this instance, they seem to have made casts of the leaves, however not having the time for that we just painted them.


Unfortunately my test leaf pealed, so we added glue to this paint too. I didn’t manage to get any photos of those though. But you’d need several coats of this too.

And finally Bats on a stick!


I didn’t get any photos of this either guys, sorry. And I didn’t make a test, so I cant photo that either. but this seemed rather fun to make too.



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