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Update: While reading – Love Hurts

Love Hurts


I’ve decided to post updates of this one as I read it… as there is just sooo many in this it would be a ridiculously long review if I wrote about each of them in one place. So here are my initial thoughts of the book and the first six shorts.

Firstly I want to just say that I was really excited by the names of the authors in this book. Gayle Forman, Patrick Ness, Markus Zusak, David Levithan, Phillip Pullman and E Lockhart to name a few… but I was instantly deflated when I received my copy and found that most of the shorts in this volume were just excerpts from the author’s already published work. Luckily I haven’t read a lot of them (I know, shocking) so I haven’t been completely put-off but I think readers should be aware that this is not all original work. Actually only 7 out of the 24 are original shorts.

So the first six shorts:

Humming Through My Fingers – Malorie Blackman 3/5 Voodoos
This was a rather cute short story about a blind girl Amber. She is asked out by her brothers friend Ethan and ends up showing him how it feels to see without sight. I really enjoyed this short. I just wish there was more of it.

Exc. More Than This – Patrick Ness 3/5 Voodoos
There wasn’t really enough of an excerpt to make an opinion of the book but it reminded me of Perks of being a Wallflower. Full of misfit friends. I’m guessing there is more of a build up in the actual book but I liked the neediness between the main boy and his posh friend who he blatantly loves. I think I will have to get this book as its very intriguing. This was a M/M story.

Exc. The Infinite Moment of Us – Lauren Myracle 4.5/5 Voodoos
This was just an excerpt but it was ridiculously cute. It was a scene of two friends who have obvious feelings for one another but don’t know how to start anything… and then it does. I see real potential here, I will definitely be getting this one :)

Exc. If I Stay – Gayle Forman 4/5 Voodoos
I’ve actually already read If I Stay and overall I gave it 3/5 but this was a good choice for an extract as it gives a good glimpse into the feel of If I Stay (the way its written as then and now) without giving away to many of the major plot points.

Tumbling – Susie Day dnf
Sorry this was way to choppy for me. It was like being stuck in a teenagers head… jumping all over the place… no line of thought to catch hold of and follow. I’m not a big fan of stories about fangirling and this one spent the first few pages going on about Sherlock Holmes (the BBC tv series) I love Sherlock but I’d rather watch it than read about someone else’s account of them watching it. I think this was going to be a F/F story but I didn’t get far enough to figure that out.

Exc. Trouble – Non Pratt  – 5/5 Voodoos
GAH LOVED IT. Brilliant excerpt… it started with Hannah’s best friend telling everyone on facebook that Hannah was pregnant – at fifteen – and everyone then wanted to know who the dad was and wasn’t being very nice about it… it’s left on a proper cliffy and now I really really want the book!*

So far this is a proper mixture of stories but I am enjoying it… More to come soon…
*Ok may have just ordered it…




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