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While Reading: The Younger Gods

 by Michael R. Underwood


Currently 55% through
The world of this story is interesting and the story is captivating, but I am struggling a little. I’m not sure if it’s the book or me, I have 4 books on the go right now and I’ve been catching up on my TV…This book is written in first person and unfortunately Jake seems to ramble and while he knows a lot about what he knows about, there are many things of which he knows nothing. Personally, I feel had the book been written in third person I would have managed to breeze through far faster than my current attempt.I’d seriously consider the possibility that I no longer like first person stories were my favourite books not first person – The False Prince etc.
Currently as it stands I don’t have nearly enough information about what’s going on so I’ll be sticking around to read more. But not tonight as I’m on my way to bed with a[nother] migraine, Typing in sunglasses in the dark isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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