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Make it Monday: Pine Cone Christmas Tree



Something nice and Christmas-y for the first of December! Ok, so this is a cheat, I didn’t make this, my brother did. Well, he helped out and that totally counts.

First off, you’re gonna need the following items:

-Pine Cones(spray painted colours of your choice)
-Glue Gun (and sticks of glue)
-Cone shape
-Battery Operated Lights.

 Once your glue gun is hot, put glue on the side of a pine cone and stick another to it, placing it at the base of the cone.


Continue until you have a circle all the way around. At this point it may be advisable to let it dry a little, depending on how fast your glue dries.


Then just keep applying them in rows, gluing each pine cone to the ones blow and to either side until you’ve completely covered the cone.



You might need to wait till the rest of it’s dried and you’ve removed it from the cone before you add the top one.


Once it’s completely dry, you can add the lights in the middle and hey presto! pretty tree:





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