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Update: While Reading Love Hurts Part 4

 by Various (edited by Malorie Blackman)

Love Hurts

18. Exc. Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma 4/5 Voodoos wow such a risky subject, Love and Incest… But it’s written so well that I’m actually intrigued to see where it goes… The romance is so hurt wrenching. They are fighting so hard against their feelings and yet they can not think of anything else :( I can’t imagine having those kind of feelings for someone and knowing it was totally wrong.

19. Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda – Lauren Kate - DNF I just couldn’t get into the story. There was so much detail for a short story and my brain couldn’t connect all the dots.

20. Exc. Midwinterblood – Marcus Sedwick 3/5 Voodoos I was really interested by this excerpt. I didn’t really understand what was going on but I was intrigued and I may grab a copy of this just to find out what on earth was going on?

21. The Liar’s Girl – Catherine Johnson – DNF Again this story wasn’t really for me. The writing style was just to different for me, almost like a letter to a lover… but not… I think it was from a girls point of view, as she tried to justify and apologize for her prior actions.

22. The Unicorn – James Dawson – 4/5 Voodoos This was an interesting Male-Male romance. It was written as though the main character was recounting events. It had a very old fashioned dialect which was a nice relief from the rest of this anthology. 

23. Exc. Northern Lights – Philip Pullman – 4/5 Voodoos Not the best part of Northern light but it’s been so long since I read these that I don’t mind. I love Philip Pullman’s writing :)

24. Exc. We Were Liars – E. Lockhart – 2.5/5 Voodoos Ugh, I bought this book the other day and after reading this excerpt I’m not sure I want to read it now… It seems a little like How We Live Now in writing style… I wasn’t a fan of that either. I may have to read some reviews now and see if I will actually like the book.



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