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Make it Monday: Bunting


So this week I was taken along to a ‘bunting class’ where we made a bunting out of our chosen word. Having no idea what I was doing with the word I chose, I picked a rather long one…

So the kits we used were from Tando Creative, The price for a pack on the retail site, located here:


doesn’t show up unless logged in. On the trade site, located here:


it’s marked at £3.99. I don’t know if there is a minimum spend or if you need to be registered to access the trade site. Each pack contains 5 scalloped banners with punched holes and separate inner triangles.

So first we painted the scalloped edges of the outer triangles, I chose not to paint the whole thing to save time as I had double the amount of letters as everyone else. Though it’s acceptable to paint the whole of the front and even the back!


I gave the greyboard two coats of the paint (Which, by the way was a paint sampler from Homebase) and left it to dry and got on with painting my letters! These were wooden and I don’t know where they came from. The paint was also a sampler.


While they were drying I drew round the straight sided triangles on my chosen paper to cover them with, then stuck it down. Once that was done, I used an ink pad to darken the edges and stuck them to the dry larger triangles.

20141210_205747   20141210_213441

Then I stuck on my letters and used some rings to link them together.

20141210_213617 20141210_220307

To be honest, I’m not sure I’m finished with it yet, but they have no other things available there that I was interested in using, Perhaps in the holidays I will have some time to dig out some of my own things and embellish it.



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