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Make it Monday: Christmas ICT Wreath



Tis the season to be jolly! And…crafty…

So, at work last year we had a picture, laminated, of an ICT themed wreath on our door, looking something like this:


This year we discovered it had been tidied away into a mystery place. Having relocated this picture and printed it off again, I decided it was a naff Christmas decoration and elected to make one of our own. Having been supplied with broken parts of computers and using a Styrofoam wreath we had at home I got myself a film, some tea and plugged in my glue gun.


As my green….fir tree like…thing…(sorry, I have no idea what it’s called) wasn’t long enough, I first did this:


Before wraping it around, to hide that fact. Then I just stuck bits where I thought the’d look good/they would hide the gaps in the green stuff. I wrapped cables around the whole thing, one of which I turned into the hanger.

The bow is not tied, it’s cut into 4 sections, the loop, the bit that wraps around the middle and the two ribbons below. (if they have names, I don’t know them sorry)

I don;’t know about you but I think it looks pretty good! I’m very proud of it.





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