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Update: Christmas Countdown


I’d love to tell you we have a whole host of christmasy posts for you.

But we haven’t been very organised about things, so nothing new there.

There was yesterday’s Peppermint Candy Cane Fudge that everyone can’t stop eating and there’s an exciting Make It Monday tomorrow! Well, I think it’s exciting because I’m extremely proud of it.

We’ll have the usual Top Ten, which is “books we wouldn’t mind Santa bringing us” this time, so pay attention Santa!

A review for you Wednesday, if you are lucky (I do so hope to find the time to finish The Winners Crime, but I will read it all in one go, so it cant be too close to bedtime), but there will be no Throw Back this week. Friday, depending on the boxing day family obligations, we may give you a haul update if we were lucky enough to receive books in our stockings! But let’s be honest, if we don’t we’re gonna be a little upset…

If you’re interested in an update on my boiled fruit Christmas cake, and really, who would be? But I’m telling you anyway. It’s smelling heavily of brandy and needs perhaps one more feed before it’s marzipan and iced. Of course, the true test is the taste test on Christmas eve!

If you don’t check back in with us before the 25th, I wish you Happy Holidays! Eat, drink, be merry and above all, watch Doctor Who! haha, no, I’m serious…



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