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Make it Monday: TMNT Baubles



A gift for a friend, found on….you guessed it, Pinterest! (where the above image comes from)

This is not a complex item to create, I had intended to attempt the painted ones, but never got to it. For this, you will need 4 green baubles ( I got 24 because it was the cheapest, but hey) some appropriately coloured paper, any only orange or blue will not do! Unless it’s all you can find, then it sort of has to… Glue and some googly eyes!

 20141221_163720     20141221_163734      20141221_163910

And pretty much, that’s the hard bit over…
Cut your paper into strips:


I had small baubles so mine were about a cm thick, just slightly thicker than the googly eyes. Then just stick it all down.


Perfect for any turtle fanatic, trust me!



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