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Make it Monday: (Wedding) Countdown Hanger



Not the best picture, I forgot to get one when it was complete and snapped this cheeky one once it’d been opened.

Using another wooden rectangle that I used last week, I painted it with yet another paint tester,  a nice neutral mocha colour I hope to paint my walls, then I painted two wooden hearts with black board paint (not a tester…). Edges first! The backs of the hearts didn’t get painted, I was in a rush…


I worked out the placement of the hearts then stuck them down with heavy duty glue. Though first I added the string as one heart was going to be stuck over it!


Then I piled a whole bunch of stuff on it so that it would stick properly. Then I utterly failed to find a decent font to mimic and handed it over to my mother for the writing skills. The second heart was so that once their wedding has happened they can reuse the countdown sign if they wish. Simply rub out Mr & Mrs and put whatever they will.





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