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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems We Have


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Ten Book Related Problems We Have.



1.I have really nice, big bookcases that will take a double row of books. This is amazing for storage purposes, but not so much for showing off your books. While I love my book cases I’d love to have a large room with single row bookcases so that they can all be displayed perfectly and in the right order, what ever order it is I decide on!

2. I have so many books that I’ve collected over the years. At some point I really wanted to read each one. However I’ve been buying more than I can read and now I’m left with a ton of books and no idea what one to read next! I’ve tried the ‘raffle’ game, where you pick a book from a jar, but the problem is when you pick a book that’s a genre that doesn’t match your mood…I often find myself staring at my shelves wondering what to read next.

3. Why is it that the book to film adaptations ALWAYS miss out the best bits? Book Harry Potter was far more sarcastic, book Fred and George Weasley were hilarious 100% of the time and my favourite book of the series has the worst film! Though having said that I feel The Hunger Games has been doing very well for itself. So far all the favourite bits have been there, there’s one more to go, in the last film. But it’s looking good. I understand that they have to shorten the storyline in order to fit it into a film, however it doesn’t explain why they miss out good quality material and add a load of crap. Have you seen the trailer for Insurgent? Did they think ‘screw this’ and make up a whole new plot? Cause that’s what it looks like…

4 I’m terrible with remembering names, so I’ve been known to re-buy a book. This only happens if I go into an actual bookshop, as I have easy access to my library on goodreads while online. This tends to be an issue with series, remembering the last one I bought and also with more obscure in my collection. I remember my favourites more easily and ones that have received some hype, but I couldn’t tell you all of my books.

5 Once I’ve read a book, I tend to forget everything about it. I’ll remember the plot…sometimes, but the rest is gone. For example, I know I enjoyed The Coldest Girl in Cold Town and I really want to re -read it, but I couldn’t name the characters, though I do remember vague parts of the storyline. I blame my mother for this. She claims that she only remembers a book while she’s reading it. The big ones, like twilight and divergent and so on, I can remember the main characters names, because I’ve seen them in films and there’s been lots of talk about them and with Harry Potter, there’s been 7 books and 8 films, that’s a lot of repartition to help me remember. So when a new book comes out in a SERIES, I have to re read the ones before. This can cause me to get annoyed with book 1 for example, so often I collect the series and read them in one go. Basically I have a crap memory and I really should look into those memory exercises that help with remembering stuff, but I keep forgetting.


6. I have a problem with people who crease or mistreat books. I have an urge sometimes, to hit people when they have creased, bent, bashed or put their tea cup down on one of my books! It’s not hard people. Just RESPECT THE BOOKS!

7. I am no longer allowed to go to sleep with a book within reaching distance of my bed because, this one time, while asleep, I apparently grabbed my book and hit my, then boyfriend now, husband round the head with it and shouted TAKE THAT. No idea why but it happened and he doesn’t want it to happen again so now I have the problem of having to put my books down just out of reach of the bed. It’s an annoying problem, but a problem I created.

8.This isn’t really a book problem but a problem where books could be a solution. My husband pointed out the other day that I have a photographic memory when it comes to books. Ie If asked for a copy of a book I own, I can almost always go straight to the shelf that that book can be found on. Now, he thinks, that if he attaches books to our keys and other items that we lose on a regular basis, I should be able to locate them straight away! And not just because they are attached to a massive book and therefore can’t fall down the side of the sofa.

9. Another problem I have is, I can become so engrossed in a book that I totally ignore everyone. If anyone sits next to me and talks at me while I’m reading I can get very moody VERY QUICKLY! Clearly reading here! BACK AWAY!

10. I don’t have a favourite book. I know this seems like a silly problem. I have a heap of books I LOVE. So just pick one I hear you say. Well I can’t. I haven’t found that one book that covers absolutely everything I love in literature. So until someone does, I will always never be able to answer that question.

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