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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books For Readers Who Like Vampires and Love Triangles


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Ten Books For Readers Who Like Vampires and


I’ve gone for a specific book type instead of a Genre today because I can. I’ve always loved vampires since I met my very first one in the library books at my secondary school. The only reason The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is not on this list is because it’s always in my lists, you know I like it and I had a whole bunch of other books to try and shoehorn in. It was so hard picking 5, I have over ten to choose from.

black dawn the last vampire the accidental vampire lover at last dance with the devil

1 BLACK DAWNThe Night World Series by L. J. Smith

I loved these books as a teen. I still do. BUT 13 YEARS DOWN THE LINE THERE IS STILL NO BOOK 10!!!! Though I’m not sure I want to read it any more, now that the storyline has been changed. It was hard to choose a favourite as I think I love both Black Dawn and Soulmate both equally. I chose Black Dawn because Maggie is a little more relatable and I think Delos is just adorable. I love this entire world concept and especially the soulmate principle. The type of vampires within these stories is fascinating and, to me, makes far more sense than the ‘classic’ vampire, of Dracula fame. This is book 8 and the rest of the series is just as enjoyable.

2 THE LAST VAMPIREThe Last Vampire Series by Christopher Pike

Also known as the Thirst Series as apparently there are 3 new books. Who knew?!
The Last Vampire is book one and I’ve chosen that one mainly because it WAS a 6 book long series and I couldn’t remember which was my favourite. Now, there’s 9 and I really need to read this series again. Christopher Pike has a strange writing style. The stories often start off as simple horror stories, but a select few turn into a series of really deep and profound thought-provoking novels (though some certainly start there too). I think that this is one of the ones that starts off simply then just expands, but I can’t quite remember which is another reason I want to read them again.

3 THE ACCIDENTAL VAMPIREThe Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands

This is another series I need to recap. It’s a series I read some years ago, borrowing from a then friend. I’ve since collected my own set but they’ve yet to be read. I’ve chosen The Accidental Vampire (number 7) because I remember finding it rather humourous. This world of vampires is again different to the ‘classic vampire’. A woman is accidentally turned into a vampire, but only knows of what she’s learnt from Dracula and so her life is rather limited until her village puts a personal ad in a paper, trying to find her a vampire boyfriend and then things really get funny.

4 Lover at LastThe Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward

It was hard to choose one from this series, I have three favourites, Lover Awakened (#3) because Zsadist is just an amazing piece of guy, Lover Unbound (#5) because Vishous is all sorts of weird and funky and this one. Lover at Last (#11). This one was building for 4 books and let me tell you, I was so frustrated with these idiots. Mainly it was Qhuinn, but Blay wasn’t so sharp either. In the end though, they get it right, despite living on the front line of a war. I’m yet to read the book after this, but I’m a little excited about how things are going for them. They were best friends before they were idiots and I hope to see some of that relationship returning. I may wait a while, as I like to do with ongoing series. I tend to re-read after long gaps, but doing that every time sure makes you fed up with book 1 pretty quickly, but I do love the banter in these books! Love me some banter.

5 DANCE WITH THE DEVILThe Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

(PLEASE NOTE: Fantasy Lover is no longer classed as book 1, which I think is ridiculous. This is where the story starts and so this is book 1. I don’t care if he’s not a Dark-Hunter or a Dream-Hunter or whatever. BOOK 1!!! therefore I will be using the READING ORDER position number [which includes the Nick series] to label books from this series.)
I chose Dance With The Devil (#4) partially because I didn’t choose Lover Awakened from The Black Dagger Brotherhood (because Zsadist and Zarek are somewhat simular) and also partly because Acheron (#15), my other favourite, has a partner book in Styxx (#27) which is about his twin and a book I’m yet to read (and hopefully love). This poor guy has had a tough time of it and it’s not going well for him. Luckily his mentor put in a word for him with the person whose going to be in charge of his fate…
These books loosely follow the same idea as The Crow, if The Crow was Greek and a vampire. Tortured souls screaming out for revenge sort of get it. But in this case it’s in exchange for something. There is currently 31 books in this storyline with a minimum of another 8 planned. I’ve read up to something like book 20, so I have some way to go. I did start a re-read in 2013 when Styxx came out but I stalled somewhere around 11. I really want to read Styxx though so maybe I’ll try again this summer. Again these vampires aren’t exactly vampires but it’s another interesting concept.


I know that quite a few people find love triangles annoying but I think, if it’s used properly, love-triangles can really enhance a storyline. And so I choose these five as my examples of effective love-triangles. (Has anyone else noticed that love-triangles seemed to be one-girl-two-boys? If anyone has seen one with 2-girls-one-boy I would be very interested in hearing about it! Thanks.)

 forbidden game  club dead  Everneath  of metal  pure

6 Forbidden Game
by L J Smith

In the Forbidden Game series, Jenny is dating Tom. But she has been watched for years by Julian, a Shadow Man. Julian manipulates Jenny into buying a game which transports Jenny, Tom and her five friends to a house, a house full of nightmares. In order to escape the game Jenny must travel through the house and help her friends defeat their worst nightmares. Jenny loves Tom but finds herself strangely attracted to Julian, he loves her in his own twisted way, and he wants to protect her. It’s an interesting story and definitely worth a read.

7 Club Dead
by Charlaine Harris

I love the Sookie Stackhouse books and many may have seen the series and know that Sookie has quite a few love interests. Book four will probably always be my favourite from the series but Club Dead is the best example of a love triangle. Sookie is in search of her boyfriend Bill who mysteriously ups and leaves from Bon Temps. Eric has an idea of where he may be a sends her off in search of Bill. She is sent to stay with the oh so sexy Alcide. Sookie finds it a little difficult to resist the charms of Alcide but tries in order to stay loyal to Bill. Not that she needed too…

8 Everneath
by Brodi Ashton

Cole has been seducing girls for centuries, pulling them down into the Everneath to be sacrified to the demon in The Feeding. These are girls who have lost all hope and wish to die and they do… except Nikki, Nikki some how survives and the only memory she holds on to the whole time she is there is memories of her boyfriend, Jack. Nikki is allowed to return to say her final goodbyes before the tunnel takes her forever. Jack is the perfect boyfriend in this book, he loves Nikki so much but Cole also loves Nikki and won’t let her go without a fight. I keep meaning to read the rest of this because it was so well balanced. I couldn’t decide if I was team Cole or Team Jack!

9 Of Metal and Wishes
by Sarah Fine

This was an amazingly clever retelling of the Phantom of the Opera and if you know that story then this one is quite easy to predict. I was happy that this had an Asian setting as the cultural aspects made this book really interesting. Wen works as an assistant to her father, the doctor at a meat processing factory. She sees broke people everyday and helps to fix them. There is a ghost in the factory who grants wishes to those who leave him gifts. But Wen is special and draws the ghost’s (Bo) attention. The factory is struggling and so they hire in help, the Noors, a savage race. But they are just misunderstood and as Wen starts to become close to Melik, one of their leaders, Bo begins to get jealous.

10 Pure
by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is the second book Armentrouts Covenant series. Alex is fighting to hide the feelings she has for Aiden. The love they could share is forbidden, and even the idea of it could sentence them both to death! Alex is the second Apollyon, there has only once before been two apollyons at the same time and no one is sure as to the consequences. Alex and Seth (the first Apollyon) share a bond and while Alex find Seth seriously annoying she can’t ignore the chemistry between them. Her love for Aiden maybe forbidden but nothing but her feelings for Aiden stand between her and Seth… But can she forget Aiden?


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