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Recipe Review: Almond Butter Fudge

deliciously ella


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I can see why they ate it all in a few hours!

This stuff is amazing! And I didn’t even use the right dates! I mean, have you seen the price of medjool dates?! Our local market sells a nice big box of dates for a reasonable price so I used those and it’s simply amazing. To be honest it’s lucky it made it to the freezer! (to set and store).


You have to leave it for a time before it’s set and it’s still semi soft. So I cut it up and we ate a whole ton of it before it made it back to the freezer. As you can see, far more is missing than is actually in the tub!


Actually, the only reason we have any left right now is because it’s in the freezer and our freezer is outside in the garage. No one wants to go out in the cold for fudge right now…

It’s hard to say what it tastes like. I can taste the coconut, my friend the dates. certainly recommend this!



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