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Make it Monday: Washi Bunting

20150322_213335 pamsmakeit

Pinterest. However, looking back, apparently I did it my way!

The original picture and link:

And this is how I’ve done it!

First there is the tools you need, (or at least the ones I used…) Scissors, card, washi tape and string.

20150322_204827 20150322_205940

I drew squares of card the width of the washi tape (1.5cm), the line down the middle of them is so that I could use it to guide the triangle point.
Next, I stuck the tape to one side and stuck the string down too. I cut the tape and folded it over, sticking it to the other side of the card. My tape was thin enough to see the line through (so I made sure the line was on the back of each triangle).

   20150322_211127 20150322_211357

Next, I cut from the line to the corner on each side to create the triangle shape.
Next I used a ruler to work out the same width of the bunting for the gap so that everything was equally spaced and nicely inline and basically repeated the card/tape/string process.


I kept going till I had enough of them (I reached the end of the short string I had) and then I decorated my laptop with it while I waited for my lovely internet connection to actually do something…

Whichever method you may choose, I hope you have fun!



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