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Make it Monday: Decorative Letters



This is not a pin. repeat, this is not a pin!

It may have been inspired by various pins though, but this method was entirely my own.

So first up you need to find a font you like that will make nice letters then make it LARGE and print it out, cut it out and stick it on some card to make a template. Well, you don’t HAVE to, but if you plan to make more than one, you’ll need to have a template.

20150509_210218 20150523_114623 20150523_120610

Once you’ve got two cut outs, front and back, you’ll need to measure out some strips or the sides. I made mine 3cm wide and I stuck them down with a hot glue gun. Before you stick the front ( or back) on, you need to test that it will stand up by itself. If not, you might need to add a little help. When you stick the front down you need to be fast too, because the glue will dry fast!

20150529_133134     20150523_121613

Next, you need to cover them because if your sticking is anything like mine it will be a little wonky and glue will be everywhere! I used book pages. From the books I’ve used before that were terrible, don’t read them. I did the corners first, folding them over and then the edges, to make sure that no cardboard was showing. This took several goes to get them the way I wanted them to look. A base coat and then the cosmetic coat, top and bottom, making sure that it was completely dry between sections, nothing worse than soggy letters…

 20150523_145640 DSC_0032

Then all that’s left to do is decorate them with things you like, you have lying around or things that mean something to you. I used an ink pad on the edges and a colour duster brush to blend out the colour, then I used things to make the letters match their voodoos!

DSC_0039 DSC_0040 DSC_0037

And just like all things voodoo, they even have their names on their butts!


They weren’t the only letters I made, you can decorate them with all sorts of things, buttons and flowers and lace and washi tape. Whatever you have about. You can create single letters, or even words! (though the word here was for something that never happened.)

DSC_0042 DSC_0044

 The whole process took a lot longer than I thought it would and I’m actually really pleased with how they turned out. I had no idea before had, what I’d make them look like, I just moved things around and tried it out until it looked good. I tried to go with themes relevant to the letter owners and hopefully did well with that. How would you decorate your letters? Have you made any before? Please let me know!



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