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Recipe Review: Cheatsy Cookie Dough Smores



This is inspired by THIS!!

So, we had a bag of mystery cookie mix, a bag of marshmallows and a few bars of chocolate. We mixed up the mystery cookie mix which seemed to be of a basic vanilla type. We added about a centimetre to the bottom of as many greased sections in a silicone cupcake tray as possible (this mix made 12) we added two squares of chocolate side by side then cut large marshmallows in half, fitting about 3 halves per section then added 2 more squares of chocolate to the top. We put them in the oven but as I’ve previously mentioned I have an aga so, I’m not sure how hot it was, I just kept an eye on them till the marshmallow had toasted over, scooped them out with two teaspoons and ate them warm!

You might not be willing to share these, so make them with people you really like. Or your cat…



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