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Top Ten Tuesday: Books We’d Love To See As Movies/TV Shows


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Top Ten Books We’d Love To See As Movies/TV Shows.


Not to sound like a broken record, I wont put the following on this list, though I’d love them to be films or TV shows: Lunar Chronicles, the stories of the Valdemar world, Nightworld, Tortall and of course The Coldest Girl in Cold Town. Traitors Blade…basically all my favourites…

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1 His Fair Assassin Series

by Robin LaFevers

Assassin spy women kicking butt without people realising? Historical facts tinged with fiction and Death personified? Yes please! Of course, kick arse women doing it for themselves isn’t something that Hollywood seems to want to allow, despite indications that they’d be well received, so perhaps a TV series would be more successful?

2 Parasol Protectorate Series

by Gail Carriger

These books are such a laugh and I think they’d be pretty amazing on a screen. A ‘spinster’ without a soul who takes no nonsense, having to deal with the ridiculous supernatural world of Victorian London. Also I’m rather interested to see who’d be cast as Lord Maccon. There’s also the prequel series and the sequel series so there’s plenty of material to have a multi series show pulling in the dough.

3 Black Magician Series

by Trudi Canavan

I still love this series and I think there’s enough action and suspense in them to keep audiences excited over 3 or more films. I’m talking about the original 3 books here because despite there being more, I’ve yet to read them. Again this is about a girl so perhaps that may hinder any film productions, which is sad because it’s just such an amazing world, with such a bittersweet outcome.

4 Study Series

by Maria V Snyder

This series is amazing, one of my favourite genres and man I want to have a real live Valek! It’s an epic tale over several lands and belief systems that really wont let you down. This is the first of 3 series so a TV show might be better than films just so that the whole thing can be told as it should be.

5 Soul Screamers Series

by Rachel Vincent

When I read this in 2011 I found it so refreshing, having over read vampires and werewolves. 4 years on, it’s still out there on it’s own and after the influx of vampire films we’ve suffered it would be a high flyer. It’s about a banshee who doesn’t know what she is and what she goes through on her journey of discovery. Of course it involves a boy, but not in the usual way. I never finished the series, so it’s one for me to consider for next year’s series completion challenge.


uprooted1 boys of summer Girl at Midnight anna  darkest night

6 Uprooted

by Naomi Novik

I read this recently and my God was it amazing! I would love this to be made into a film. It may have to be split up as sooo much happens but it would make an amazing fantasy trilogy, with all its tree beasts and spooky forests… like a female lead version of Lord of the Rings… imagine that, wouldn’t it be epic?!

7 The Boys of Summer Series

by C J Duggan

This would make an awesome TV series! An Australian 902010 but without all the cash being thrown around. I’d love to help pick the Onslow Boys, but I’d get all tongue-tied over their hotness.

8 The Girl at Midnight

by Melissa Grey

I’d love for this to be made into a film. They’d need a really good costume/make up department because I’d want the feathers and scales to look so real that you’d never imagine the actors without them. I see real life versions of the tooth-fairy from Rise of the Guardians.

9 Anna and the French Kiss

by Stephanie Perkins

TV or Film, I’d love to see Stephanie Perkin’s series on screen. Every young girl and woman out their would flock to see this for its cute romance, beautiful French setting and obviously, for Etienne St. Clair.

10 Lords of the Underworld

by Gena Showalter

This has to be made into a TV series! It would be amazing! With the relic hunting, the hot Guardian Immortals, each one finding their soul-mate (having sexy times – like True Blood), while fighting Hunters, arguing with two different sets of Gods, Angels and the Devil himself. COME ON!!!! MAKE THE SERIES ALREADY!!! You won’t be sorry!


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9 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books We’d Love To See As Movies/TV Shows

  1. Angelica

    I love your graphics on this post LOL

    New follower and fantastic choices, there isn’t one in your list that I wouldn’t mind seeing in a movie or series :)

    my TTT

    1. Ms4Tune

      Aww thanks Angelica. Will pop over to your site now :)

  2. Novel Ink

    Anna and the French Kiss would be a good one, I have yet to read it, but I know it’s loved all around the book world.

        1. Paein

          Oh no! I’d forgotten about the hats!! They would be fantastic!

  3. Emma

    Sadly I haven’t read any of these :$ I keep seeing Grave Mercy everywhere so I need to get onto this book! :-) Here’s my TTT if you would like to check it out :-) Have a great day! :-)

    1. Paein

      Hello! You should, I really enjoyed the series, I hope you do too!
      I like your list too! I can’t comment on it for some reason. I think Throne of glass would be amazing

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