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Make it Monday: Toothpaste

toothpaste1 toothpaste 2


Two pins this time!

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toothpaste1            toothpaste 2

These are relatively easy and take no time at all.

Toothpaste one, on the left needs coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), salt and mint essential oils, I had peppermint. First things first, follow the instructions because I wasn’t paying attention and mixed it all together without warming the coconut oil…

20150529_122448 20150529_123021

left is before, right is after. See how much more paste like it is? Once it’s as you like it, you can add it to your jar. However I’d recommend more essential oil and maybe even some mint flavouring, no one likes the taste of bicarb…



Toothpaste two, the right, needs bentonite clay, coconut oil, salt and mint essential oil and all you need to do is cream it together with a little water (See post for instructions).


This is the consistency I went with for mine, and then, of course, I put it in a matching jar.




Well, they both cleaned my teeth nicely, though I think that the bicarb one did it a little better – considering the whole mix is super abrasive I’m not surprised. The clay one was nicer in the mouth however, but it also seemed harder to remove traces of it. I’d say that both could do with more mint. There didn’t seem to be much minty about the whole thing. I haven’t used them long, but I think I’d use them alternately. I don’t want to scrub with the bicarb too much. Also, both of them left my teeth feeling really clean, even after I ate!



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