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Make it Monday: Tie-Dye Shoe Art



Nothing fancy here, just a little bit of decoration for some plain white shoes I have lying about…

This one is from a pin, but indirectly, I watched the video by grav3yardgirl on youtube. The video can be found HERE.

So you’ll need a few things for this one first:
-Some sort of white fabric shoe
-Alcohol, (the vid mentions 91% alcohol, I used the Surgical Spirit I have for putting words on my nails [nail art])
-Dropper or straw


And it’s actually very easy to do. (PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END BEFORE YOU START YOURSELF – so you don’t do wrong what I did wrong etc) Choose how you want your colours to be, I chose purples to blues, you’re going to draw dots sort of in a circle, you can do any colour pattern you’d like.

DSC_0005 DSC_0009

I chose to do mine in then out. Once you’ve done your dots, (smaller and closer together works best!!!!)  you need to put it somewhere that you don’t mind getting inky. For this I chose the sink, then I dropped the Surgical Spirit (alcohol) onto the ink. I didn’t have a dropper so I used a straw but putting it in the alcohol and putting a finger over the top until it was over the ink. I started at the tip and worked my way out.

DSC_0010 DSC_0011

It will make a mess! If you tip the shoe the way you want the colours to run it helps too. And this is my finished result:


They don’t quite match. I would recommend doing the dots on both shoes so that you can get them to to be more symmetrical. I will go back in once they are dry and add more colour in the places I need it to be to make them more similar.

I’m ridiculously proud of how they turned out. It was such a simple process, but the results are spectacular. I have another pair of these shoes and I was going to do something else with them, but I think I’ll do this again with another set of colours.

They’re drying right now, but I have an important question, how shall I do the laces?! Maybe you can help me. I have three choices:
1. leaving them white,
2.putting them in the shoe and matching them to the colours they sit in
3. just colouring them from one tip to the other and letting them sit where they may

What do you think? I hope to use this again as a throw back when I do the second pair and with the laces that I hope you’ll help me with!!



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