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MIM: Stamped Clay Bowls

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This post comes with several fails, just to warn you…don’t cut corners!

original pin and link:


Ok, first things first. READ THE POST…cause I didn’t….and I looked for DIY air drying salt dough type stuff, link below:

home made air dry     DSC_0086

which I made and tried this with and it totally failed, I tried it in and on but it just crumbled, perhaps I was impatient and dried it out too fast, but now I need to find something to do with the rest of this dough, any ideas?

Then I tried to use Martha Stewart air dry clay, which sounds perfect, except it dries bouncy and foamy…


They looked good but bowls aren’t meant to be squishy…

So then I actually READ the blog…and discovered it recommended DAS air drying clay.

das clay

So I ordered some and started all over again. This time I only used ink on one. In case it went wrong again…

DSC_0119 DSC_0120 DSC_0121

Our rolling pin is my grandmothers and I didn’t want to get clay on it, so I squidged it with my fingers and then used the back of the stamp to get it flat, before stamping and cutting it out.

DSC_0118 DSC_0122

Lay it over the bowl you’re using to shape it and then press it in gently. Even gently the pattern/ink relocates so you might want to NOT get impatient and let it sit for a few minutes. I pulled out enough clay for 3 and a bit bowls apparently, so I pressed the last into a 4th so that I could practice removing and sanding that one and left them to dry.

DSC_0124 DSC_0125

(it has come to my attention that the picture on the right is UPSIDE DOWN AND TOTALLY TRIPPY. It’s perfectly fine in edit mode and I’ve even removed it a few time and re inserted it. I’m sort of hoping it will fix itself in time…)

And hey presto! Bowls!  Unsanded bowls, but to be honest, I’ll sand these bad boys another day, cause really, I’ve had enough of them. At some point over the summer there will be an update for past make its so stay tuned!



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