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MiM: String Decorated Bowl

string bowl


Because everyone needs a fruit bowl made of string.

Original pin and link to blog post can be found below (it’s 7 on the list):

string bowl

I decided, as I only had glue and no stiffener that I would simply decorate a pot with the string, in case it wasn’t stiff enough to stand alone. I chose a small container too, to make sure it worked. Because the pot didn’t have straight sides it made getting the string to sit right rather hard and I do think that using a big bowl would have been easier. I used watered down glue to start.

DSC_0209 DSC_0211

I wrapped my glass container/jar/bowl with cling film to protect it and then I pulled a wad of string off the ball and fed it through the glue before wrapping it around the pot…and once there’s enough, you just wait for it to dry.


and wait for it to dry….and wait for it to dry…I ended up putting it on the Aga over night!

Next it was simply a case of removing it from the glass, or in my case simply removing the cling film and excess clue with a pair of tweezers. A rather tedious task, but it’s gonna look pretty good when it’s done! Even if I do say so myself.





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