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MiM: Paper Craft by Paper Panda


(Image from Paper Panda’s home page)


I haven’t done a Make It Monday in a really long time! So I hope you guys like this.
This week I’m going to show you some of my recent attempts at Paper-cutting Paper craft.

The designs were created and designed by Paper Panda. I’ve been following Paper Panda on facebook for a while now and I love her designs!  So when my husband surprised me with her starter pack I was really excited to get going. Lets just say… it may look easy but it’s actually really hard! So I’m quite happy with the my final pieces so far.

All I needed was a cutting mat, a scalpel, and for later, a prit-stick.

For copyright reasons I can’t show you the whole templates but here’s an idea of what I had to work on. In some cases it was linear designs that I would cut along the lines. In other designs I was given a picture in black and white which I would then cut away the darker areas. Both were easy to follow but curved edges were the bane of my life! It took me ages to get the hang of them and my circles still look like 50p coins!
One of the bonuses to this starter pack? How well balanced it was. It had a sheet of simple designs that introduced me to different techniques. And it also had some slightly harder smaller designs. All of these were really useful for when I got to starting the real designs.
I also got a lovely Paper Panda Badge in the pack.

So here are some of the pictures I took in the process of making two of the designs:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
and If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

IMG_20150529_175704  IMG_20150531_150608

 IMG_20150802_154613  IMG_20150802_151754

IMG_20150802_154502  IMG_20150802_161016
These two designs were included in the starter pack so you really do get a lot of work for your money! As you can see, with If You Can Dream It You Can Do It, you can add colour to the roses and the leaves. It says just to stick it to the back of the cut but I used mini craft foam pads which added another layer to the design (you can see these tabs in the leaf close-up above). I quite liked this effect.

And these are my final framed pieces:
(I couldn’t find a prit-stick in the end so used PVA to stick the Twinkle Twinkle design to the glass. This has coloured the paper though which was a shape. Definitely going to invest in a pack of prit-sticks).

IMG_20150802_160903 IMG_20150802_164705

If you would like to have a go at these designs then head on over to Paper Panda’s Website!
Some of her designs can be downloaded as PDFs so you can get them anywhere in the world.

For me… I’m off to try one of her Alice In Wonderland designs!

Wish me luck!!!



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