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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s  Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From.


magics pawn acheron angels blood the will of the empress a quick bite

Most of these were probably on my “most owned” top ten list too so sorry about that.

1 Mercedes lackey

Amazon recommended me one of her books and I bought it because it was published the year I was born and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve read most of her Valdemar series, most because I’ve been collecting the latest 5 for a mass re-read. I’ hoping next year and I cant wait! I think now, her books are being republished with new covers to match the new sets and that’s exciting because, if I remember correctly, most of the ones I have came from sellers! I have two or three other series by her too and I’d love to read them all.

2 Sherrilyn Kenyon

Vampire stories with Greek connections?! space pirates? As good as it sounds. I’ve also collected the latest of both The Dark-Hunters and The League series. Last time I tried a re-read of The Dark-Hunters I didn’t get too far though. While I love this world and I want to read Styxx so badly and I’m even looking forward to having my heart pulverised by Acheron I wasn’t as interested. I do hope not because these characters are hilarious and wounded and adorable.

3 Nalini Singh

See above re: collecting. I have two series by Nalini too! I was up to date with them but I’m not now which I’m so happy about. I can re-read them and catch up. Both her Guild Hunters series and the Psy-Changling series are so clever. I Don’t remember which I read first either. I think I got them independently and then realised it was the same author. I recieved the first Guild Hunter books as a gift, it was on my wishlist, just look at that amazing cover! And then I think amazon recommended me the psy-changeling books but I THINK I read those first…but I’m looking forward to re-reading them.

4 Tamora Pierce

I think I have everyone of her books, possibly barring some anthologies and the comics she’s contributed to though. In recent years my favourite world has switched from Tortall to Emelan, though I the last books of hers was terrible, nothing that was meant to happen in it did…Her worlds are full of magic and diversity and they’re just wonderful.

5 Lyndsey Sands

I think I have all of her Argeneau series, or as close as. I love them, such a unique take on the vampire myth. I was leant these once and they stayed with me so I’ve bought my own set and can’t wait to re-read them next year.Maybe I’ll even look into one of her other series too.



.making out darkest night dead dark_tie-in comp.indd forbidden game the colour of magic


6 Katherine Applegate

Thanks to my childhood obsession with her Teen-Angst series’ – Making Waves and Making Out – Katherine Applegate has been my most read author for a very long time. I read all 8 of her Making Waves Series and something like 12 of her Making Out series. I read quite a few of her Animorph’s books too.

7 Gena Showalter

I am obsessed with her Lords of the Underworld series. I love Reyes and Lucien but give me any of the hunky Lords and I’d be happy. I’m currently at book 7 but I’ve also read her short stories in-between.

8 Charlaine Harris

What can I say, I’m obviously a sucker for series reads. I’ve read 9 of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse Series as well as the shorts to go with them. I still need to finish this series, but I’m scared, in case I don’t like where it goes from here. I wasn’t a massive fan of Quinn.

9 L J Smith

Another of my teen fascinations, I’ve read the original Vampire Diaries books, All of the Nightworld books and my ultimate favourite series, The Forbidden Games. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you grab yourself a copy cos I can’t tell you how awesome that trilogy is!

10 Terry Pratchett

Oh how I love Terry Pratchett’s work. It’s so hilariously funny and you will always find a character to fall in love with. Mort is my favourite book so far… but then I only got as far as Pyramids. I will definitely have to get back to this series asap. With something like 40 books in the series I’ve got plenty of reading a head of me!

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10 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

  1. thereviewdiaries

    So many awesome authors on here! Particularly with you on Tamora Pierce (she’s on my list too!) Charlaine Harris, L J Smith and Terry Pratchett. Excellent taste in authors if I do say so myself :P
    My TTT

  2. Zezee

    I read a few Mercedes Lackey books in middle and high school but I’ve forgotten them all. :( I need to revisit her and I’d love to try some Terry Pratchet.

    1. Paein

      oh no! Though I have to admit some of the books she’s worked on can be a little long winded, others just fly by! I also need to read some Terry Pratchet! I have a nice collection from a charity sale, but it’s just finding the time to fit them in ):

  3. amyh90

    Great List! I don’t think I’ve read any of them except for Pratchett. I love Mort :D fantastic book! I definitely need to re-read it x

    1. Paein

      Wow, 69 sounds so many! But having had a quick look I’ve certainly read over 40 so perhaps it doesn’t seem so many after all…haha! I want to read her other series, but they aren’t so easy to come by!

      1. TheLiteraryCounsellor

        I really liked the series she wrote about dragons. The first book is called Alta, but I can’t recall if that is also the title of the series. Anyway, it was really good.

        1. Paein

          I love that series too! I think it’s called the dragon jousters or something simular. I’ve read some of her fairytale series and one other about demons and unicorns and elves, that was long winded but pretty good too but I think she had at least 2 other long winded series that I hope to get around to reading

    1. Paein

      Hi Renee,
      yes! and snap on the Sherrilyn Kenyon books too. I’d also considered J.R.Ward but I ran out of spaces and she lost out. I used to be a massive vampire fan too and it shows up again every now and then, I’m also collecting Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series and the Kerrelyn Sparks Love At Stake series as well as STILL Waiting for the last LJ Smith Nightworld book…. Nice blog, though I had some issues with your rating system O.O weeping angels? I’d be terrified to receive 5 of those! I love it.

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