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Review: The Forging of the Blade

by R. L. LaFevers

the forging of the blade pamsthree

“It would take…armies. Weapons. Strength and resources I don’t have.”
“Ah, but cannot a small flame still burn down a house?”
- page 35

Title: The Forging of the Blade
Author: R.L.LaFevers
Publishd By: Penguin Young Readers Group
Book: #1 of Lowthar’s Blade
Genre: Teen/High Fantasy
Found: My shelf…
Rating: 3 Voodoos

Written for young fantasy lovers who can’t yet tackle Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain or Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising series on their own, The Forging of the Blade introduces Kenric, who stumbles into danger when he goes in search of his missing father. The evil Lord Mordig has been capturing blacksmiths–including Kenric’s father–to forge the legendary sword that will ensure his dominion. Kenric’s courage takes him to Mordig’s fortress to challenge the dark lord himself. Reassuringly concise and brimming with spine-tingling adventure, the Lowthar’s Blade Trilogy leads young readers straight to the heart of high fantasy, preparing them for the classic works of the genre.


Well this was short. 123 pages to be exact! Honestly I picked this one because it was the smallest out of my ‘really want to read’ read–it-or-lose-it pile. I was surprised to see that it was by the same author who wrote Grave Mercy and I wonder if that’s why I bought it? But I liked it so I’ve ordered books two and three so that I can find out more about this world.

This is a fast moving introduction to the ‘high fantasy’ genre for a younger reader. It has a simple plot line with just enough conflict to keep the reader interested without complicating anything. As the first of three, it’s clearly an introduction into a world of elves and goblins and magic. And while Kenric has completed the task that he set out to do, I have a feeling his adventures are not over yet, too much is unanswered. Yet the story is written in a way that you could leave it there if you wanted to.

My copy of the book has a sneak peak at book 2 and I glanced at enough of it to know I wanted to keep reading but not enough to give too much away, which is just how I like it. I’m hoping that he’ll not only solve the task(s) the king is going to send him on, but that he also unites his world once more and teaches us about all the residents.



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