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MIM: Back To School Stationary Pt. 2 Book Themed



So, the washi tape creations last week got me over excited and I made a few bookish themed stationary items too!

Pins for insperation:

wands  rubber usb  book pencil

Pin I wish I’d been able to make, but my bottles are too small…:

bottle usb


This week I made two book covers. One from The Hunger Games and one from Harry Potter. I printed the images I wanted from the internet and stuck them on the books. The Mockingjay symbol was to go on the smaller book and I was able to cover the whole book with the paper, the other one however, I just put over the front, but more on that later.

DSC_0427 DSC_0431 DSC_0434

I used a hot glue gun to go over the Mockingjay symbol, but I found it difficult and it was lumpy and streaky when dry, I eventually used PVA glue to smooth it out. With the Ravenclaw Crest I used some PVA glue in a bottle with a nozzle so that I could direct the flow more elegantly. I did about 3 layers in the end and then I tidied them both with a craft knife.

DSC_0490DSC_0445 DSC_0489

In the end, the majority of the paper came off of the Ravenclaw crest as I took off the glue, so that it would have the same colour all over. It was only stuck down with a glue stick, so I had to stick some of the strip lines back down with cosmic shimmer (Super sticky crafty glue type stuff. Unfortunately doesn’t shimmer. Disappointing.) I then painted over the front and the red parts on the side and back of the notebook I was using because I intend to cover it over with tissue paper which is quite thin and I wanted the base to be the same colour all over.

 DSC_0501 DSC_0496DSC_0503

I used the glue stick again to glue down the tissue paper because if it gets too wet it tears easily. I stuck down the back first and then I cut the shape I wanted and covered the front in glue-stick glue, using my finger to get the glue into the corners of the shape. I stuck it down carefully and poked the tissue paper around the designs. Then I finished covering the book with the tissue paper and they were done! Painting the cover of the book first to make it all one colour was better, as you can see the design through the tissue paper which is annoying. I may go back eventually and go over the symbols, to hide the black outline showing though and to highlight the crest respectively.

For the pencils, the book page one was easy. I cut a piece of page to fit, then I stuck some over the end of the pencil before wrapping it around the pencil. I used PVA glue, so I kept waiting a little to let it dry, I didn’t stick it all at once.

DSC_0436 DSC_0437 DSC_0438

And for the wand pencil, I followed a similar method to the wands, from the Harry Potter Wands MIM. I extended it with cardboard and used hot glue to add the details, then I painted it and varnished it.

DSC_0429 DSC_0508

And because I had a memory stick last week, here’s another! I couldn’t think of a book relate one, so I made a rubber one because they looked cool, though I only have boring rubbers and I had a memory stick that always comes out of the casing so perfect fit!

I measured the rubber for the ‘lid’ then cut it off then I marked out the shape of the stick and carved out the right length and width before sticking it in. once that was dry, all that was left to do was the same for the lid and slip it on and it’s a hidden memory stick!
(Please note: I wouldn’t recommend using this to take memory sticks places they shouldn’t go.)

DSC_0493 DSC_0495 DSC_0504


What did you think of these custom stationary projects? Have you any make it monday ideas you’d like us to try? Please, let us know!




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