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Review: Disciple

by Kassandra Lynn

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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publishers for giving me a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
Published: 13th August 2014

Title: Disciple
Author: Kassandra Lynn
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Book: #1 of The Book of Immortals
Found: Netgalley
Rating: 1 Voodoo

Following her death in a plane crash, Celine discovers that neither heaven nor hell is an option for her. Miraculously, she’s transformed into the antagonist of the book she’d read prior to her demise. Now she must navigate this strange new immortal life, knowing that the antagonist’s journey won’t end well. Between covering up her devil ancestry in an immortal school and trying to understand her feelings for a senior apprentice, can Celine circumvent her impending doomsday to create a favorable plot twist?


I was with this book at the start, it was pretty unique in it’s methods and I enjoyed it. However it was a lot like reading about someone playing a game when they’d extensively read the cheat sheets. I think I was almost waiting for the ‘gaming’ part to finish and for the story to start. This perhaps relates back to the feel of reading about someone playing a game after memorising the cheat sheet – they know what’s found where etc so there is no excitement or strife or conflict.

I’d had enough by 65% however, I started to notice grammatical errors and things and I was getting annoyed with how easily each problem was solved or moved along in the blink of an eye. And by 75% I was really questioning what I was reading. If I’d still been in the first 45% of the book I’d have given up, but since there was so little left I pushed through. I’m not sure if the last part of the book was different – writing wise or anything – but as I said, that’s at least where I noticed it. I honestly can’t say if the feel of it changed or if I simply got bored, but I certainly fell out with the main character. (Who clearly didn’t know the first rule of acquiring a new cache – Check everything out and level up/ heal up/ arm up with what you find.)

The premise for this book was actually pretty interesting, as well as whom it was Celine became within the story. Also the concept of the world was unique and if I had got on with the story better I’d certainly have wanted to know more about it. I don’t like where the story seems to be leading however and so I don’t think I’ll be continuing.

This book gets such a low rating because I was enjoying it until suddenly I wasn’t and I cant tell you why because I don’t even know why! Why??! Maybe it’s because I was hoping for so much out of it, but it didn’t meet my expectations. Not a bad book, but not for me at all.



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