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MIM: Maleficent Headband



Halloween item number two! This is a costume item. Maleficent’s horns!
This is a pin.

Original pin and link to the blog:MaleficentHeadband

For this one, you’ll need some shapable wire, some crepe paper, some electrical tape a black head band and some newspaper. And a glue gun.

DSC_0612 DSC_0613

I started off by following the blog. I made S shapes with my wire, but 6 inches seemed far too small so I chose 11. Then I looked at how skinny the wire was and thought about how think the horns needed to be and how much crepe paper I had and I picked up the news paper and cut it into strips.

DSC_0614 DSC_0616

I padded out the horns by wrapping strips of paper around the wire.I also looked up a reference picture from the recent film and decided to make them more like those. However the paper took a long time and I was running out of it, so I stopped here even though I wanted to make them fatter. I also bent one and not the other and had to go back and try and match the shape I’d made. In the end I unbent them and started again but it wasn’t so good.

DSC_0617 DSC_0618

Wrapping the crepe paper around it wasnt quite so easy, I wanted it smooth so I had to twist it back on itself every now and then, but it built up quickly, possibly because it was one long thing not lots of short ones. I then covered it in electrical tape. I had to go up and down a few times, but cutting it and starting again didn’t cause any problems.

DSC_0621 DSC_0622

Next it was time to gluegun it to the headband and wait for the glue to dry. it’s advisable to build the glue up around it to keep it supported and not to add all te glue at once, you’ll need to hold it in place and you’ll need to do it slowly so that the glue can dry. One horn at a time is also a good idea! Then it’s time to wrap the tape again, around the glue this time. I even went around the band to give it a little more hold. Once it was done I was pretty impressed. Then I tried it on.



I think my problems started when I switched reference mode half way through from the image on the blog linked above to the actual image from the film. The horns on the blog were smaller, thinner and upright where as the ones in the film were larger and at more of an angle. Once I tried the headband on it was easy to see they were too close together – putting it on widens the band and pushes them closer – also they were far too thin! Because they were so bendy still I bend the bottoms out and the tops in and this made it look a lot better. I think that I may go back and widen the bottoms, where it joins the headband. Possibly on the outer side so that it makes them seem wider apart. Perhaps if I’d had a lot of crepe paper instead of one roll it would have gone fast, using that instead of newspaper, but it just seemed like a waste. I found this quite an easy DIY and I think it would make a great costume!



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