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MIM: Sock Snowmen

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“Tis the season…” well, tomorrow it is. Shhh

sock snowmenoriginal pin links to the blog above.

So to make yourself some sock snowmen you need a few items. Topping the list are some NEW white socks. No smelly old ones. You also need elastic bands, fabric and buttons. Oh and rice. Don’t forget the rice.

20151129_144602 20151129_144757 20151129_144958

First cut the feet off the socks so they don’t run away. Turn the upper part inside out and put an elastic band around where you cut off the foot. Make sure it’s tight. then turn in right side out again and fill it with rice! once you’ve done that tie off the to with another elastic band and make sure it’s tight. Then locate where you want the neck to be and loop an elastic bad around there too.

 20151129_14571220151129_145819 20151129_150329

And you’re done! No really. The rest is just costume. Fold up the cut part of the foot of the sock and add it as a hat. Cut a strip of fabric and make a scarf.

20151129_150851 20151129_152633

In the original they made the face out of pins and added buttons as their…well…buttons. I used buttons for their faces and got bored of sewing them on so they didn’t actually get buttons. But they don’t need them – it’s too cold to get undressed! I did sew their hats on too, I dodn’t want them to lose them.



I quite like these but I think a smaller pair of better quality socks would have looked far better. And cuter too! but they hardly took anytime at all. And if you swap the sewing with (supervised) glue-gun glue, a nice craft for children too!




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