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Stacking the shelves is a meme hosted by Tyngas Reviews. It’s a weekly haul meme designed for book lovers who need to share the enthusiasm for books that have been bought or borrowed that you’re terribly excited about or that you might not get around to review any time soon.

Who Cooked the Last Supper?: The Women’s History of the World

by Rosalind Miles

I realised recently – when I was reading various things online and I came across something that said that the oddly shaped statues of women that were perceived as ancient deity statues I learnt about in my archaeology classes at college were shaped thus because they were, in fact, what women saw when they looked down at themselves and were therefore made by women and not, as previously assumed by everyone including me, by men – that I know so very little about women and their places in history. Of course I wasn’t actually taught about any of them, but that’s irrelevant. So I’ve ordered this book to fix my ignorance.

Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection

by Marissa Meyer

So, I have this now…and I’m going to read it now. But it’s exciting and I don’t care, it’s on this list!

Ship of Magic (The Liveship Traders, Book 1)

by Robin Hobb

I randomly discovered a coupon for this book as an ebook in my emails, so I read the blurb, decided I liked the oddity of it and so I agreed to own it! I don’t know when I’ll get to read this, but it’s now mine.

Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands Trilogy 1)

by Alwyn Hamilton

Oh man, I hope to read this this month, but I’m cramming in so many at the moment there has to be fall out somewhere. And actually my sleep is suffering! making it up at the weekends doesn’t seem to be working – mainly because I’m not actually making it up. I’m not even going to bother to tell you what time of the morning I’m writing this. If I don’t get it in this month, be sure it’ll be in next months collection.

Once Upon a Dream (Twisted Tales #2)

by Liz Braswell

I was ecstatic to receive and email from netgalley about this book. I read book 1, A Whole New World on the 19th July 2015 and the review can be found HERE. I remember it not being as good as I’d hoped, but I liked the blurb of this one and I love sleeping beauty so I requested it. It’s coming out in April and I’ll have a review for you guys around then.

What books have you got recently?!
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