Review: Same Time Next Year

by Jennie Bentley/Jenna Bennett


“And then they just walked out, big as life and twice as innocent. As if nothing at all happened. Can you believe it?”

Title: Same time next year
Author: Jennie Bentley/Jenna Bennett
Publisher: Bente Gallagher
Book: Standalone?
Genre: Adult Romance
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Rating: 3 Voodoos

Every year on the same night, Regina White and Tyler Harrison relive the past. They leave their everyday lives behind – jobs, home, kids – and check into the same two rooms in the Piedmont Hotel where they first met years ago: #510 and #512, with a connecting door.

Rumors fly among the staff, and newlywed receptionist Elizabeth thinks she’s got the situation all figured out — but…


Happy Valentines day! For your entertainment, a review of a short little kindle romance I found on my kindle.

And by short, I mean short. Goodreads says 15 pages! Every year Regina White and Tyler Harrison check into the adjoining rooms they met in 8 years ago. This year the new receptionist disapproves. It’s pretty obvious what the ‘twist’ is from the start and it’s hilarious that the newly married receptionist doesn’t get it. It actually says a lot about her own perceptions of marriage and relationships. But I loved the idea of this one it was cute and so romantic. Well, except for Ty’s original assumption he was just going to get her into bed.

I don’t get the hand drop/step away at the end though. It didn’t make sense to the situation, it’s not something to hide and it makes me a little sad that it happened.

It was actually more on the romantic side than the graphic, there’s obviously something in there or I’d not be classing it as an adult romance, it’s not quite ‘closed door’ but we don’t spend the night with them, which I also like. It’s a completely genius idea for keeping the romance alive and no mistake. I’d also consider this myself…

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