Make it Monday: Easter Bunnys

bunny jar bunny cinnamon rolls


Our annual Spring Celebration time is here and so I’ve made some rabbit themed stuff, because it’s cute, that’s why.

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bunny jar bunny cinnamon rolls

Both are pretty easy. For the bunny jar you obviously need a jar, some paint and some pretty string! Maybe some daffodils. This bunny seems to be white, but I made three in various colours of paint I had lying around. You also need some orange and a black fine line marker.

20160320_161332 20160327_171714

Paint the jars – on the outside if you’re going to turn them into a vase – you’ll probably need two or three coats. Then you need to paint an orange upside down triangle on the jar and some black features. Then you just need to wrap your string around the neck and stick it down! Add daffodils as desired.

20160327_174955 20160327_180547

For the edible bunny rabbits, the original used cinnamon rolls, we used pain au raisin because we had some in the fridge. It’s just a case of slicing it up and unravelling it enough to fold out some ears.

20160327_172427 20160327_173343

I don’t know if american cinnamon rolls have more layers or if they used another slice and folded the ears and stuck them on, but the pain au raisin had very few layers. I’d consider making my own roll just to make sure I had enough to make ears. Maybe next year I’ll remember this and try it!

20160327_175533 20160327_175629

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    1. Paein

      I agree! I just had to make them! No idea what I’ll do with them now, but they’re just so adorable.

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