Sum it up Sunday – March 2016


Sum it up Sunday is a feature post we are going to trial for the closing Sundays of each month. In these posts we’ll detail various things that have excited or upset us over that month. If you’d like to join us in our summing up, please feel free! Just please, provide a link back to our blog. Thank you.

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading The List by Siobhan Vivian. Not my usual kind of book, but I was curious enough and it sounded like it would either be really silly or really clever.

the list

I’m trying to read 3 books at once. Mainly because I’m really distracted at the moment and I’m trying to find a book I can get lost in. My three are: The Second Love of My Life by Victoria Walters, Passenger by Alexander Bracken and November 9 by Colleen Hoover.

Second Love of My Life passenger november 9

What was your favourite book this month?

Paein: I read Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski this month as I has a review copy, that was pretty brilliant! I also thoroughly enjoyed The Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson, most spesifically book 2, The Crown of Embers.

winners kiss The crown of embers

Ms4Tune: Well my only 5 Star this month was A Gathering of Shadows by V E Schwab so I would say this was my favourite but I’d like to give special mention to Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye as I thoroughly enjoyed, and keep thinking about, this retelling of Jane Eyre.

A Gathering of Shadows Final jane steele

What was your least favourite book this month?

Paein: I’ve read so many good books this month that this award just has to go to The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead. It’s the finale of her second series set in the world of Vampire Academy. It just took me so long to read it and It just wasn’t the same as the first.

the ruby circle

Ms4Tune: Not only the least favourite book of this month, but actually the worst book I’ve read this year – goes to Nerve by Jeanne Ryan. I had so many issues, but mainly it was just disappointed.


What do you want to read next?

Paein: Ah! Trick question! I’ve already pre filled my list this month and they’re all review books! I flaffed about in March and I need to catch up. The one I’m most looking forward to reading is Saints Blood, by Sebastien de Castell. Unfortunately I wont get to it before it’s released date because I want to re-read the first two books in this fantastic series.

Saint's blood

Ms4Tune: I’m looking forward to Tell the Wind and Fire by Sarah Rees Brennan

tell the wind and fire

What books are you hoping to collect next month?

Paein: I’ve got Lady Renegades on order which is book 3 to Rebel Belle, which I haven’t actually read yet so I may cancel it…and Amazon tells me that The Rose and the Dagger will come out in April, not May. So excited!

the rose and the dagger

Ms4Tune: It’s my birthday next month so fingers crossed I get some book parcels but the only book I’m waiting on is A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes. I haven’t read any of her other series yet but I liked the name, the cover and description of this book so I bought it lol.

Book of Spirits and Thieves

How are your challenges going?

Popsugar: One. I’ve read one this month. Oh dear
Series Completion: Completed three this month! The end of Bloodlines, The Winner’s Curse and Fire and Thorns. Only Fire and Thorns is a series I’ve had sitting about however, but I’m still counting the others.

The Popsugar Challenge –  I’ve read another 3 books for this challenge. Only short ones but at least I’m on track still.
The Series Completion Challenge – Still nothing. I’m pants at this.

Anything you’re going to try and do more of next month?

Paein: Clear my Netgalley list and keep on top of it. I have been avoiding requesting more while I have 13 on there and I’m missing out, I just know it! Maybe finally get my reviews back up to scratch. Finish my book cases and generally be more organised. Really slid this month, it was a hard one. I’m also going to STOP buying the next book in a series as it comes out, before having even read the first one. What if I hate the writing?! Will go and cancel Lady Renegade right now! Maybe…Not The Rose and the Dagger though, will just let that one slip through….shhh

Ms4Tune: Right I set myself targets and I fail them every month so this month I’m going to be realistic and just say read… If I get some of the library books finished and back, great. If I read a series, GREAT. But if nothing else just read some great books, I’ve not picked very well recently and my average rating has fallen significantly.

Did you complete this month’s targets?

Paein: Not really. Perhaps a few more shelves done. Just going to repeat over my targets for this month. Should have managed to get on top of them this last week and next week, but too many other things are going on. I have to say my next but one MIM will be fantastic! No idea what I’ll do for after that one though…

Ms4Tune: Urghh don’t talk to me about targets. With work being so hectic I have lost all motivation for structured reading plans. I am literally reading whatever is close to me when I feel like reading.

Any rants or raves? Anything to boast about?

Paein: STILL waiting for my Winner’s Kiss book. NOT HAPPY. Luckily I’ve already read it or I’d have been making one hell of a fuss.
I also received my book ‘boxes’ this month! I have quite a bit to say on this topic however, so I’ll make a separate post to go up this afternoon on that. I’ll detail what I got in each, my experiences and then I’ll compare them.
Pretty sure there was something else I intended to put here this month, but I didn’t write it down so I don’t know what it was….doh.

Ms4Tune: Mark Gelineau did a Top Ten Tuesday for us this month. It was amazing. If you haven’t seen it you can find it HERE. I had a lovely time corresponding with him and Joe King. I was worried I’d come across as I right nutter because I’m such a massive fan, but they made me feel really special. Thank you both for being awesome.

In other news, I saw Paein’s delivery from Prudence and the Crow and was so envious I’ve also requested a book from them!
Now to persuade the Husband that he wants to order me a Willoughby box…

pam id pics paeinpam id pics andpam id pics ms4tune


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