Book Subscription: Prudence and The Crow vs The Willoughby Book Club



So this month I got my first Willoughby book club book and my Prudence and The Crow book. Here is my comparison

The Willoughby Book Club.

There are 11 options when it comes to this subscription, varying from babies to cookery, teens to couples. You also have 3 options with regards to length, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. You get a book, all wrapped up, some freebies and a book is donated to book aid international. I have a 3 month YA subscription.

This arrived first and it was all prettily wrapped up:


It came with a book mark and a badge and I really just wanted to open it up right away, but I took the time to take these photos! Unfortunately however, I already owned the first book!


Not only that, but I hadn’t enjoyed what I’d read of it! Ms4Tune told me she’d heard that if you let them know, they send you a new one, which is what it says in their FAQ. They also offer a spoiler service, so they and say “This is next months book.” which gives you the opportunity to say “Aww heck, I have that!” which I also subscribed to. Which is lucky, I also owned the book I was going to get as a replacement. Finally we settled on Salt and Storm, a book I’d not heard of before! I didn’t read the blurb – so something was a surprise at least. I also get to keep the first book.


Unfortunately, the April book is also one I own. It’s been wrapped and readied so I’ll get that and a replacement too. The replacement is one that was on my to-read list, but I’ve forgotten the name – sort of on purpose and I also didn’t re-read the blurb.


The people over at Willoughby were really great with the replacement books. I had regular emails about it all and it was sorted out quickly. If I were to do this again, I may choose ‘classic’ or ‘contemporary’. Both are genres I own little books from, so it may be more exciting. Would I read them? maybe. As it was, having the books I was to be sent already was a big disappointment, just not one that could have been helped. I recommend subscribing to the spoiler system if you choose a genre in which you own a lot of books, even though it does take a lot of the fun out of it.

Prudence and the Crow.


At first glance you only have 4 Genre options, Classic Fiction, Science Fiction, Classic Thriller and Children’s. However under that it does say:
“Favourite not here? Pick Random and let us know exactly what you’d like in your questionnaire.”
Which is exactly what I did.
With Prudence you get 5 subscription lengths. One off, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and continuous subscription.
In this one you get a vintage paperback wrapped in a cosy/exciting/fabulous manner. accompanied with lovely little gifts.

This one arrived pretty late in the month comparatively. It’s dispatched later. Inside my envelope I found another!


Inside my second envelope I had a wealth of goodies! some little pictures and book tabs, a pencil, a little envelope marked ‘provisions’ and a book in a pouch!


For my provisions I had two teabags and two sweets. In my pouch was my book, one I didn’t have! The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey. I’ve not read any of her books before, so far as I remember any way. My friend likes her Pern series and it was even mentioned in our Takeover Top Ten Tuesday by Mark Gelineau. So I was pretty excited to receive this one. Unlike the others, I knew nothing about this book before it turned up, so I’ll be using this as my PopSugar ‘recommended by a stranger’ as per Ms4Tune’s recommendation!


This box was far more exciting, I didn’t have the book and I got tea and sweets and a pencil! Plus, my book came in a book pouch! But I don’t know what these guys do if you have the book already.

Both boxes were good, though I wish Willoughby had the option of a one off option. It’s more appealing when trying out a box. I don’t think either box is one I’d subscribe to for a longer time. Ms4Tune’s hoping to give them a try too, so watch out for her experience!

Are there any UK book based boxes you’d recommend? Let me know!

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