O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s 2019 by Book Roast

This reading challenge was created by Book Roast. She can be found on Youtube by following the link.

O.W.L.s – April

The aim of the O.W.L.s is to read books that fit the prompts for each subject. You can do them all, or you can find your desired job in the fabulous booklet that G (Book Roast) created and read books that fulfil the prompts of the subjects you will need to take NEWTs for.  I came to this challenge mid April so, while I sorted a full list, I focused on those required for my desired job.

Ancient Runes – Retelling

Arithmancy – work written by more than one author

Astronomy – Star in the title

Care of Magical Creatures – Land animal on the cover

Charms – AGE-LINE: read an adult work

Defence Against The Dark Arts – REDUCTO: Title starts with an R

Divination – Set in the future

Herbology – Plant on the cover

History of Magic – Published at least 10 years ago

Muggle Studies – Contemporary

Potions – NEXT INGREDIENT: sequel

Transfiguration – Sprayed edges or red cover.



N.E.W.T.s – August

For my chosen job, I needed to complete the following prompts. I needed an O in each subject. To receive an O you must read all three books. You don’t have to read them in order, but if you don’t read the A or the E the O doesn’t count. There is a book (SPELLSLINGER) that you can use to pass a prompt even if it doesn’t fit it!

Charms -

A: Gorgeous cover
E: Graphic novel etc/under 10 pages
O: SPONGIFY!: A paperback

Defence Against The Dark Arts -

A: Black under the dust jacket
E: MEMORY CHARM! – First book you remember on your TBR
O: CORNISH PIXIE! Written by an English author or set in England

Potions -

A: POLLYJUICE POTION: Friends favourite book
E: HOUSE INGREDIENT: Book with your house colour cover
O: Book that starts with a Prologue

Transfiguration -

A: Book with LGB rep
E: Read a book that’s not the first in a series
O:Book over 500 pages

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