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About Us

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Hi, my name is Kerr (that’s pronounced ‘care’ as in ‘Care Bear’ for anyone who has no Scottish affiliation) AKA Paein after my voodoo doll!
I spend a lot of my time dealing with autism (among other things) and though it can be hard work it can also be very rewarding. And humourous!
I like to think of myself as a book collector, it’s the only way to explain why I have more books than I can read in the next 5 years just waiting patiently on my shelves.
I love YA books, for I always feel they have better ideas, more imagination and tons more adventures. The problem with them however tends to be that they either include a love triangle or a massive relationship bust up somewhere in the midle of the storyline. These things are rare in real life and the added angst is just so frustrating. Any stories that include these without substantial plot support will get a lower rating because of this. It’s over done and unrealistic.
My most favourite genres would be fantasy and retellings. I do like romance too, but when it messes with a plot just because, it get’s on my nerves.
I’m a Ravenclaw (BOOK Ravenclaw please, none of this crow-and-silver film crap. Eagle and bronze all the way!), a Thunderbird and my Patronus is a swallow, notice a feathery theme here?!
I’ve learnt to crochet this year (2016) but I’m still a novice and I’ve started to bullet journal and I really want to teach myself hand lettering! Other than these new hobbies, I love to watch things like Supernatural, Doctor Who, Outlander, Once Upon a Time etc and I also like to write my own stuff. I’m yet to complete anything OR let anyone read any of it, but I’m hoping to participate in NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year and give an oldish idea a brand new makeover.

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Hi! I’m Rachel or Ms4Tune (here on the blog). By day I’m an accounts assistant, but by night, I devour books!
I’m a bit of a book hoarder, something my husband can confirm. We recently moved and now have a whole room dedicated to just books.(I promise its just a small house…)

So what do I like to read? Well I am a definite lover of Fiction, so please no non-fiction, thank you.
I love fantasy, paranormal romances, urban fantasies that sort of thing but I’m also partial to the odd romance (although not the cheating, scheming kind). I have been on a bit of a YA binge in recent years but I do like an adult fiction or even a NA romance from time to time.

Other than reading, I love to watch numerous TV shows, Supernatural, Grimm, Bones, Outlander… that kinda thing.
I also love spending time with my husband Ashley, (not a reader – but an understander) and my Dog, Mardy. He’s a rather old retired Greyhound who sleeps like ALL DAY but still he has a cute snore and only sometimes dribbles.

Please look at the contact us page if you are interested in one or both of us reading your book. We try to reply to all emails but sometimes we get a bit busy. Please be patient with us.

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