ARCs Index

An index of all the ARCs and RCs we’ve been given in exchange for an honest review.


Ahern Cecelia
Flawed (Flawed #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Alexander, Kim

The Sand Prince (The Demon Door #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Allen, Ellen
The Sham Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Allen, Nancy Campbell
Beauty and the Clockwork Beast Paein 5 Voodoos
Almond, David

A Song for Ella Grey Ms4Tune 1 Voodoos
Alward, Amy
The Potion Diaries (Potions #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Arden, Alys
The Casquette Girls (The Casquette Girls #1) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Ash, Madeline
Her Secret Prince (Royal Holidays #2) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Atkins, Dani
Fractured Paein 3 Voodoos


Baker, Jodi
Trust Paein 2 Voodoos
Beaulieu, Bradley
Twelve Kings (The Song of the Shattered Sands #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Bell, Alex
Frozen Charlotte Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Benway, Robin
Emmy & Oliver Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Birch, Kate Jarvik
Perfect (Perfected #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Tarnished (Perfected #2) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Bird Horowitz, Lauren
Shattered Blue Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Blackman, Malorie
Love Hurts Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Blackstream, Jennifer

Divine Scales (Blood Prince #4) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Boecker, Virginia
Witch Hunter (Witch Hunter #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
The King Slayer (Witch Hunter #2) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Bowman, Erin
Vengeance Road Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Brackston, Paula
The Silver Witch Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Brashares, Ann
The Here and Now Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Braswell, Liz
A Whole New World (Twisted Tales #1) Paein 3 Voodoos
Once Upon a Dream (Twisted Tales #2) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Bray, Libba
Lair of Dreams (The Diviners #2) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Brennan, Sarah Rees
Tell The Wind and Fire Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Brown, Stacey Marie
Darkness of Light (Darkness #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos


Carriger, Gail
Curtsies and Conspiracies (Finishing School #2) Paein 4 Voodoos
Carter, Ally
All Fall Down (Embassy Row #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Cass, Keira
The Elite (The Selection #2) Paein 2.5 Voodoos
The Selection (The Selection #1) Paein 4 Voodoos
The One (The Selection #3) Paein 3 Voodoos
Chan, Lan
Poison (The Wind Dancer Series #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Cheshire, Simon
Flesh and Blood Ms4Tune 2.5 Voodoos
Coileain, Rory NI
Blowing Smoke (Soul Shares #5) Paein 4 Voodoos
Deep Plunge (Soul Shares #3) Paein 4 Vooodoos
Firestorm (Soul Shares #4) Paein 4 Voodoos
Gale Force (Soul Shares #2) Paein 4 Voodoos
Hard As Stone (Soul Shares #1) Paein 4 Voodoos
Colgan, Jenny
The Little Shop of Happy Ever After Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery (Little Beach Street Bakery #3) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Collins, Renee
Until We Meet Again Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Connolly, Tina
Seriously Wicked Paein 4 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos


DaCosta, Pippa
Chaos Rises (Chaos Rises #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
City of Fae Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Girl from Above (The 1000 Revolution #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Daugherty, C.J and Rozenfeld, Carina
The Secret Fire (The Alchemists Chronicles #1) Ms4tune 4 Voodoos
The Secret City (The Alchemists Chronicles #2) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Davis, Kaitlyn

The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Withering Rose (Once Upon A Curse #2) Paein 2.5 Voodoos
De Castell, Sebastien
Knight’s Shadow (Greatcoats #2) Paein 5 Voodoos
De La Cruz, Melissa & Johston, Michael
Frozen (Heart of Dread #1) Ms4Tune 2.5 Voodoos
Dee, Cindy & Flippin, Bill
The Sleeping King (The Sleeping King #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Dee, Deanna
Critical Hit-On (The Games of Love #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
One Fling To Rule Them All (The Games of Love #2) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Denault, C L
Gambit Paein 2 Voodoos
Dessen, Sarah
Saint Anything (Sneak Peak) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Dickerson, Melanie
The Golden Braid (Fairytales #6) Paein 3 Voodoos
Dodge, Lola
Quanta (The Shadow Ravens #2) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Duggan CJ
Paradise City (Paradise #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Dunnewin, A M
Benighted (The Benighted Saga #1) Paein 3 Voodoos
Dushinski, CJ
The Thorn and the Sinking Stone Paein 4.5 Voodoos


Estep, Jennifer
Bright Blaze of Magic (Cold Burn of Magic #3) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Cold Burn of Magic (Cold Burn of Magic #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Evangelista, Kate

Savor (Vicious Feast #1) Paein and Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Eve, Jaymin
Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison #1) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos


Falor, Janeal
Ever Darkening Paein 3 Voodoos
Faye, Lyndsay

Jane Steele Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Felix, Gillian

Family Portrait Series 1-3 Ms4Tune (Avg) 3 Voodoos
Perfect Escape (Family Portraits #4) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Ficklin, Sherry D & Jolley, Tyler H
Extracted (The Lost Imperials #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Fine, Sarah
Claimed (Servants of Fate #2) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Marked (Servants of Fate #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Fitzpatrick, Huntley
My Life Next Door (#1 My Life Next Door) Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
What I Thought Was True (#2 My Life Next Door) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Fleet, Katherine
The Secret To Letting Go Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos


Garlick, Jacqueline
Lumiere (The Illumination Paradox #1) Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
Noir (The Illumination Paradox #2) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Gee, Emily
The Blood Curse (The Cursed Kingdoms #3) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Gelineau, Mark & King, Joe
A Reaper of the Stone (A Reaper of the Stone #1, An Echo of the Ascended #1) Paein 4 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Best Left In the Shadows (Best Left In The Shadows #1, An Echo of the Ascended #3) Paein 4 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Broken Banners (A Reaper of the Stone #2, An Echo of the Ascended #5) Paein 4.5 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Civil Blood (Best Left In The Shadows #2) Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
Faith and Moonlight (Faith and Moonlight #1, An Echo of the Ascended #4) Paein 3 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Faith and Moonlight (Faith and Moonlight #2, An Echo of the Ascended #8) Paein 3 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Rend the Dark (Rend the Dark #1, An Echo of the Ascended #2) Paein 4 Voodoos Ms4Tune 5  Voodoos
Skinshaper (Rend the Dark #2, An Echo of the Ascended #6) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos, Paein 4 Voodoos
Getty, L.T
Tower of Obsidian Paein 3.5 voodoos
Gibson, Sean
The Camelot Shadow Ms4tune 4 Voodoos
Grainger, A J
Captive Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Green, Lisa Gail
Soul Corrupted (Of Angels and Demons #2) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Soul Crossed (Of Angels and Demons #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Green, Sally
Half Wild (Half Life #2) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Grenelle, Ceri
To Mate An Assassin (The Last Alphars #1) Paein 2.5 Voodoos
Grey, Melissa
The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
The Shadow Hour (The Girl at Midnight #2) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos


Hall, Sandy
A Little Something Different Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
Halpern, Jake & Kujawinski, Peter
Nightfall Ms4Tune 2.5 Voodoos
Halverson, Sere Prince
The House of Frozen Dreams Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
Hardinge, Frances
The Lie Tree Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (Chan, Crystal and Lee, SunNeko)
The Scarlet Letter (Manga Classics) Paein 4 Voodoos
Haynes, Natalie

The Amber Fury Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Henderson, Sarai
Hunter Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Hocking, Amanda
Crystal Kingdom (The Kanin Chonicles #3) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Ice Kissed (The Kanin Chronicles #2) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Hoffman, Alice
Nightbird Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
Holmberg, Charlie N
The Paper Magician (Paper Magicians #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Hounsom, Lucy
Starborn (Worldmaker Trilogy #1) Paein 4 Voodoos
Humphrey, Kris
A Whisper of Wolves (Guardians of the Wild #1) Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos



Jane, Eliza
In Too Deep (In Too Deep #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Jennings, Janna
A Grimm Legacy (Grimm Tales #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Erika Johansen
The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #2) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos, Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Johnston, E.K
A Thousand Nights Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Johnston, Laura
Between Now & Never Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Justice, AM
A Wizard’s Forge (Woern Saga #1) Paein 4.5 Voodoos


Kagawa, Julie
Rogue (Talon #2) Paein 4 Voodoos
Keating, Kelsey
A Stolen Kiss (Stolen Royals #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Keire, Vicki
Daughter of Glass Paein 3 Voodoos
Kennedy, Jeffe
The Talon of the Hawk (The Twelve Kingdoms #3) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Kinsella, Sophie
Finding Audrey Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Kudler, David
Risuko Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos


Langlais, Eve, & Douglas, Kate, & Arthur A C
Growl (Compilation of Novellas) Paein 3 Voodoos
Lavendar, Diamante
The Secrets of Yashire Paein 2 Voodoos
Leonhard, Sam C.
Forbidden Monastery Paein 4 Voodoos
Leigh, Lora
Wicked Lies (Men of Summer #2) Paein 2 Voodoos
LeRoux, Lucy
Making Her His (A Singular Obsession #1) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Ling, Aya
Ugly Stepsister Paein 3 Voodoos
Lynn, Kassandra
Disciples (The Book of Immortals #1) Paein 1 Voodoo


Mandel, Emily St John
Station Eleven Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Marks, Rachel A
Darkness Brutal (The Dark Cycle #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Marlowe, V B
Shadow (Shadow Pines Trilogy #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Martin, Tracey
Revive (Redzone #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Matharu, Taran
The Novice (The Summoner #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
McGarry, Katie
No-where But Here Ms4Tune 3.5 Voodoos
Walk The Edge (Thunder Road #2) Ms4Tune 4.5 Vooodoos
McKay, Kirsty
The Assassin Game Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
McKinley, Kate
So I Married a Highlander (What Happens In Scotland #2) Paein 2 Voodoos
McLachlan, Jamie

Mind of the Phoenix (The Memory Collector #1) Paein 5 Voodoos
Pawn of the Phoenix (The Memory Collector #2) Paein 4.5 Voodoos
McQuestion, Karen
From A Distant Star Paein 3.5 Voodoos
McMann, Laney
Crystallum (The Primordial Principles #1) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Miller, Sasha L
The Errant Prince Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Miranda, Megan
Soulprint Ms4Tune 4.5 Voodoos
Mitchell, Caroline 
Time to Die Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Monroe, Anya
Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde (Love and Star Stuff #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Morgan, Kass

Day 21 (The Hundred #2) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Day 21 (The Hundred #2) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
The 100 (The Hundred #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
The 100 (The Hundred #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Morgan, Lou
Sleepless Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Murray Susan
The Waterborne Blade (Waterborne #1) Paein 4 Voodoos
Muto, Michelle
Of Shadow & Stone Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Myles, Jill
Queen of Blood Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos, Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Myles, Marina
Cinderella and the Ghost (The Cursed Princes #4) Paein 2 Voodoos


Newbury, Helena
Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Nijkamp, Marieke

This Is Where It Ends Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Norris, Christine

A Curse of Ash and Iron Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Norris, Shana
The Secrets Between You and Me (A Stolen Kiss Novel #2) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Novik, Naomi

Uprooted Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos, Paein 4 Voodoos


Oakes, Colleen
Stars (Wendy Darling #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos


Panitch, Amanda
Damage Done Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Parrish, P J
She’s Not There Paein 4 Voodoos
Perinovic, Jenny Adams
A Magic Dark and Bright (Asylum #1) Ms4Tune 2 Voodoos
Phillips, Rebecca
Faking Perfect Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos


Quick, Matthew
Every Exquisite Thing Ms4Tune 4.5 Voodoos


Ritter, William
Beastly Bones (Jackaby #2) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Ghostly Echoes (Jackaby #3) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Roberts, Cecilia

Homecoming (Cloaked Devices #0.5) Ms4tune 3 Voodoos
Rosen, Jessie
Dead Ringer Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Round, Jeffrey
Endgame Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Roy, Lauren
The Fire Children Ms4Tune 2.5 Voodoos
Rozenfeld, Carina and Daugherty, C.J
The Secret Fire Ms4tune 4 Voodoos
Rutkoski, Marie
The Winner’s Crime (The Winner’s Trilogy #2) Paein 5 Voodoos
The Winner’s Kiss (The Winner’s Trilogy #3) Paien 5 Voodoos


Salter, Aimee
Every Ugly Word Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Sanderson, Brandon
Steelheart (The Reckoners #1) Ms4Tune 4.5 Voodoos, Paein 4.5 Voodoos
Schwab, V E
A Darker Shade of Magic (Sneak Peak of A Darker Shade of Magic #1) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Shultz, Susan
The Blacksmith & Jessie (Tales from the Graveyard pt1) Paein 3 and 3 Voodoos
Dirt & Sam (Tales from the Graveyard pt2) Paein 2 and 2 Voodoos
Silverwood, Cari
Cyberella Paein 3 Voodoos
Skuse, CJ

Monster Paein 4 Voodoos
Slater, Sally
Paladin Paein 4 Voodoos
Slayton, Shonna
Spindle Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Snyder, Maria V
Night Study (Study #5, Soulfinder #2) Paein 5 Voodoos
Sutherland, Suzanne
Under the Dusty Moon Ms4Tune 2.5 Voodoos


Taylor B Janet
Into the Dim (Into the Dim #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Taylor, K J
Drachengott: Wind ( Drachengott #1) Paein 2.5 Voodoos


Underwood, Michael R
The Younger Gods (The Younger Gods #1) Paein 2.5 Voodoos
Unsworth, Tania
Brightwood Ms4Tune 2 Vooodoos


Valderran, Mara
Altar of Reality (Altar of Reality #1) Paein 2 Voodoos
Vance, Cady
Bone Dry (Soul Shamans #1) Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Vincent, Rachel
The Flame Never Dies (Well of Souls #2) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
The Stars Never Rise (Untitled Series #1) Paein 4 Voodoos, Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Vivian, Siobhan
The List Paein 5 Voodoos


Waddington, A.L
Essence (The EVE Series #1) Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
Wallach, Tommy
We All Looked Up Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Walker, E D
The Beauty’s Beast  Paein 3.5 Voodoos
Walters, Victoria
The Second Love of My Life Ms4Tune 3 Voodoos
White, Kiersten
And I Darken (The Conquorer’s Trilogy #1) Ms4Tune 5 Voodoos
Wibberley, Emily
Sacrificed (The Last Oracle #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos
Sacrificed (The Last Oracle #1) Paein 4 Voodoos




Zoraida, Cordova
Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas #1) Ms4Tune 4 Voodoos

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