Rating System

Please remember, these are OUR OPINIONS and yours may differ.

1 Voodoo - Sorry but no thanks, not for me. May not have finished the book
1.5 Voodoos - Not for me but this book has some promise.
2 Voodoos - It’s ok, while I don’t necessarily regret reading it, I may not have enjoyed it.
2.5 Voodoos -It’s ok, I don’t regret reading it. Had something interesting about it.
3 Voodoos - This was good, needs work. Probably wont stay on my limited shelves.
3.5 Voodoos - A good read, has some flaws. If part of a series, the rating could go up or down depending on the next book.
4 Voodoos -Very good! any flaws are minor.
4.5 Voodoos - Almost perfect, just that little something…
5 Voodoos -Brilliant! Recommended! Buy it! Build it a shrine!

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