Book Stuff Sunday: Nerdy Bookworm Box: October 2016


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(You’ve been warned! If you don’t want to see the contents of October’s Nerdy Bookworm Box then look no further. )

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You can learn about Nerdy Bookworm Box on their website, found HERE. They are a UK based book box subscription company who offer single purchases as well as subscriptions.

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1. Replica by Lauren Oliver
2. Polyjuce Potion Candle by William and Joseph
3. Count of Monte Cristo Socks by Out Of Print Clothing
4. TARDIS wooden broach Goodnight Boutique
5. Enchanted Narnia Tea by Bluebird Tea Co.
6. Roll & Read by Nerdy Bookworm Box


What I thought:

This might have been my favourite box this month! While my first Fairyloot was pretty epic, this has NARNIA TEA!! and Count of Monte Cristo socks and a Harry Potter themed candle. TEA AND CANDLES AND SOCKS I TELL YOU! Simply fantastic.

The problem with the candle is I am unlikely to burn it! The socks I’m sure I’ll excitably wear – especially as they also work for Doctor Who too! The broach – I’d be scared to damage it so I may wall mount it and I don’t want to try the tea! What if it’s not nice?! UPDATE: I think it tastes like flowers, but my mother said it tasted like turkish delight without being told that was actually the flavour they were going for. It’s all rosebuds in there! (the bag)

I’m also loving the exclusive bookmarks and kinda wish they’d started a little earlier with them. there are some earlier themes I would have loved as a bookmark! As to the roll and read…I’m not sure we’ll get along. I’m not good with being ‘told’ what to read. But I really do want to try out a quest card! Maybe next month?

Replica sounds like an interesting book. How you read it is pretty much up to you, it comes in two parts the front and the back and they meet in the middle, you can read one then the other, or alternate chapters…I’ve read and enjoyed some of Lauren Oliver’s other work so I home this will be enjoyable too!

I need to go and watch The Count Of Monte Cristo now…

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