What’s In The Box: Mark The Page – Tower of Dawn Special

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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

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We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
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MARK THE PAGE is a monthly Australian based book  box. Each box contains a newly released book and between 3 and 6 bookish things. They often have special, themed boxes centred around a high profile book. You will get that book and 7 bookish items that fit in with the theme.
As of posting there are TWO on their website – Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff.
MONTHLY BOXES are roughly £25 and SPECIAL BOXES are around £31. Postage to the UK costs £25.

This was the special TOWER OF DAWN box!

In this box we got:

1. a Reversable book sleeve – Blurring Pages
2. Exclusive Chaol candle – Novel Scents & Co
3. Exclusive rooibos tea blend – Bookish Teas
4. Fleetfoot bookmark – Till and Dill
5. Sam Cortland soap – Behind The Pages Store
6. Exclusive tote bag – Ink and Wonder Designs
7. Rowan and Aelin print – Jo Painter
8. Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas


My thoughts:

Like the last special box Mark The Page made for a Sarah J Maas book,I’m behind in reading this series too! I had hoped to have caught up with it by now but eh, too much to read so little time.

Mainly I go this box for the book sleeve! Because I didn’t have any at the time…Also I love book goodies and I suspected I’d be getting this book anyway so really it made sense.
The book sleeves were many different patterns I believe. Of mine, this is my favourite side, cats and mountains and trees!
I don’t know yet who the bag references but it’s still nice to get Ink and Wonder items as the postage can be quite high, or maybe that’s just because I want to order too much?! I have a few items now though so I’m quite happy.
I didn’t get the bookmark until I read the info card, but that’s because the picture is of a golden retriever and Fleetfoot was a hound, I thought.
TEA!! Love some tea. I’ve been working on my extensive bookish tea collection so that I can get to tasting this one soon!
I don’t think I’ve had a candle from Novel Scents & Co before, this one has a nice and soothing scent.

Mostly I’m excited about the Same soap! This is the debut for this scent but I’m holding out for the perfume! I LOVE Behind The Pages perfumes, but we’ll talk about that another day. I have some soaps, even a ship soap! But I haven’t tried using them yet – I’m a little nervous about how my skin will react so I will have to start with my hands I think.

I don’t think this box was as exciting as the ACOTAR box, but I think that’s just because the perfumes from the box being available for special purchase for a limited time extended the excitement, because this box has a book sleeve, Sam soap, a bag and TEA! Also a candle.

I’m looking forward to the Godsgrave box even more now! That was shipped this week I believe so hopefully it’s here soon!
Sorry for the blurry photo, they don’t look blurred when I take them! I check! Looking forward to getting a new phone with a better camera. Or I could just use my actual camera…

(Gallery to go up on Instagram around the same time as this post)

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