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Top Ten Tuesday: Book’s I’d recommend…


Good evening! Once again we bring you a top ten hosted by http://www.brokeandbookish.com/. This week it’s recommendations. I’ve split in two to give some variation.


Not sure what to class this genre, but it’s my favourite. The top five books *cough*series*cough*


This is actually stories 0.1 through 0.5 of the Throne of Glass series. I don’t think I would have liked this series as much as I do if it wasn’t for these novellas. Though, I don’t feel the story flows too well between them and the first book, but that’s a story for another day. A young Assassin, Celaena, comes to realise there’s more to life than being the favourite, setting her on a painful adventure which has a way to go yet, considering there’s now 8 novellas. 3 novels and 3 more pending.




The first of The Song of the Lioness quartet as well as the original start to the introduction to the world of Tortall, this is the story of a young noble girl who cuts her hair and goes in the place of her twin brother to the palace to learn to be a knight and the changes to the entire kingdom her small lie brings. I think these books are good for young girls to see that they can do what boys can, if they want and good for young boys to see that girls are just as capable as they are. I recommend this entire series and though I am no longer a teen I will continue to read the future books belonging to this series.


3. THE MAGIC IN THE WEAVING by Tamora Pierce

Also Known As Sandry’s Book. This is the first book in the Circle of Magic Quartet, set in the World of Emelan, the second set by Tamora. In these books, four lost children are brought together and find a family they never thought they could have. I love all of these characters, they’ve been through trials and they aren’t perfect, but they’ve been forged strong and they did that together. With the exception of the latest book, which doesn’t fit the storyline or the usual magic of these books, I love them all.


2. ARROWS OF THE QUEEN by Mercedes Lackey


This is the first book of the Arrows of the Queen series and the first written of the Valdemar World, though not the first chronologically. It’s hard to say with these books, but I started here and perhaps part of my enjoyment and certainly all of my excitement of books set before this was because I already knew the legends of those people. Certainly, I wouldn’t recommend starting with the chronological first trilogy within this world as I found it the most boring. Pretty sure from this point, I read forwards, then went to the start. I just love this entire world, and possibly next I will read the latest set. Though, perhaps I will wait till I don’t have hundreds of books waiting to delve into this well thought out world again.


1. THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen


This is my current favourite. Been obsessed with it since I first read it several years ago. If I could only read one book for the rest of my life, I’d choose this one. Please, if I ever get any form of memory loss, give me this book to read each week. If you’re a regular here, you may have even just read my review. In reading this book, you’ll be lead into the Ascendance series, which I am currently working through. This is a book I feel everyone from tweens and up can enjoy, the lead being so young. Forced into a life he never wanted he is never the less more than enough to meet the challenges facing him. I cant wait to find out how it all ends. ( I hope there are novellas and a spin off and an entire film/tv series)

Adult Paranormal Romance

Basically I chose this one because it’s everywhere on my shelves.

5. WALK ON THE WILD SIDE by Christine Warren



This is apparently book 13 in The Others series, I’m confused about this matter, because I think prequels are being added with regularity, all the ones I’ve read I’ve loved, but this is my favourites. I love cats, and cat shifters and big cats. And little cats…you get my drift? This is our world, only a little different, Others are living in it along side us, such as shifters, vampires, fairies and even demons, and they want out in the open…


4. LOVER AT LAST by J.R.Ward


So aptly named! This is a different and clever spin on the old vampire tale. This is number 11 of the black dagger brotherhood and the one I waited for since book 8. Actually, that doesn’t sound long, but boy it sure felt like it. Pretty sure I’ve already read it twice, not too sure. These books need to be read in order to get the full impact of their world. It’s so clever and I hope to still be interested in them when they reach their end. A warning here, this is a love story between two men and it is beautiful. If this offends you, please don’t read it.


3. CAST IN SHADOW by michelle Sagra



This is book one of the Chronicles of Elantra series. I was originally leant this by someone who no longer talks to me for whatever reason and I’ve only read up to book 5 or so, but I’ve been collecting them so that I can return to that world. I remember it being a heavy one, but perhaps that’s because I wasn’t focused, I do remember that the mystery of it all had me utterly charmed. I want to get back to them soon


2. VAMPIRE, INTERUPTED by Lynsay Sands



This is book 9 of the Argeneau series, another vampire series, but again a different take on vamparism. I was also lent these and I’ve been collecting them myself. I really look forward to returning to this world, I found it rather clever. I think this was my favourite, I don’t recall liking the first one much but the others I loved again.


1. ANGELS’ BLOOD by Nalini Singh



This is book one of the Guild Hunter Series. Angels. I do like angels almost as much as Vampires. Maybe more, these days (thanks for that Twilight). These books are just so unique. Pulled into an impossible job, Vampire Hunter Elena ends up meeting her destiny. I also love her psy-changeling series too, ‘psychics’ and shifters set in the future, or A future. Love it. (now that I’ve added that extra one, I have to also mention Thea Harrisons’ The Elder Races series too, reminiscent of the guild hunter series, though totally different….)







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