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Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who Would Have Sat At My Lunch Table at Seconday School


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week, it’s characters that would have sat at my lunch table at school. I ate my lunch at break time and spent my lunches split between the art room, the library and the computer room, so the characters I picked will reflect that

1, 2, 3 & 4 – Harry Ron and Hermione, Luna – Harry Potter

ok, so this is sort of a cheat, three in one, but I cant help but feel their brand of trouble would have been something I could have got myself sucked into far too easily, probably through Luna as I’d apparently be a Ravenclaw and I do so love her brand of crazy. Teenage me would have loved to hang out with her. Better make that 4 in one!

5 Karou – Daughter of smoke and Bone

I think with Karou, it would be a situational thing. She seems too much of a loner to join a group of friends, but she seems the type to have spent time in the art room too and I cant help but feel a friendship based on location would have started sometime.

6 Alyssa – Splintered

Another artist. Also, her sense of dress rather matches what mine was at that age too. Though my goth phase was more along the lines of ‘glam’ than hers, I would have perhaps found her art morbid, but I would have loved those outfits! (If not her colour choices)

7 Kelsea – The Queen of the Tearling

I also spent a lot of time in the library at lunch and I would have certainly become firm friends with Kelsea, her reverence for books is almost awe inspiring. Her personality and her love of the Hobbit makes me wish to try reading it again, now that I’m older.

8 Bella -Twilight

As much as I’ve come to scorn the books through the films and subsequent love triangles I’ve read, I once had a love for them and feel that Bella’s outcast feelings and almost disregard for the things the other girls somehow found important would have made us firm friends.

9 Percy Jackson – Percy Jackson

Since his school life was rarely more than a year per school this would have been short lived, but I feel that we may have bonded over dyslexia and that he would have been persuaded to join my table. Were I ever to get up the nerve to talk to him, of course!

10 Lucy – Narnia

I would have loved for her to be on my lunch table! After that first trip to Narnia, I bet she would have been calm and regal, two qualities that I think are the most hypnotic. I bet she would have also been an amazing story teller, someone that I’d have loved to listen to.



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