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Make it Monday: Origami Bows

20141116_221852 pamsmakeit

Another one from pinterest!

It was part of a set that took you through several links to the final one which can be found here:

Paper Bow Tutorial

All the instructions are found on the feed, though I skip the last as I like the bows to have a straight ribbon trail (far more Sailor Moon, haha!). I just trim the visible white bits.

It’s a little fiddly, but once you’ve run through ¬†few times you’ll pick it up easily enough.

I will say that when you get to picture 18, where you flatten it out, you’ll need to press down the bit in the middle to make sure it flattens without ripping as this is the centre of the bow.

After about 5 I could do it without the instructions and I spent two days making so many of them! I found it really therapeutic and people I know have high-jacked them to turn them into cards!



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