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Make it Monday: Spiced Apple



This is the genius-baby of someone I work with she followed no recipe and therefore had none to give me, but it still turned out pretty well.

Fist I added a whole carton of apple juice to a saucepan, then I threw in some cinnamon sticks.
I skewered an orange and pushed cloves into the holes, making rows all over then I threw that in too before slicing up a lemon and adding that.
A tablespoon of sugar, that truthfully it may not have needed and then I left it on the side of the aga to warm for a few hours. Honestly I’m not sure how to translate that into general hob directions. Perhaps prepare it when you need to use it and simply warm it before drinking.
I added a few more cloves to the mix before I warmed it through on the simmering hob, which in the end was perhaps a little too much clove, but honestly it still tasted pretty damn good. Unfortunately we only had one carton of apple, so our joy was short lived.

If you try this, please share what you may have done differently, or even just what you thought.

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