First Impressions Friday: The End of the World Running Club

by Adrian J Walker

End of the World Running Club

Do the impossible
Or lose your family forever…

Edgar Hill, unsympathetic husband and half-hearted father, finds himself in a hopeless situation. Despite all his best efforts, he hasn’t managed to keep his family together. In fact, they are further from him than ever – 550 miles to be precise.

And in a world near annihilated by a terrible disaster, leaving the UK harsh and brutal, uncrossable by car or bike, his journey to find his loved ones will be fraught with challenges.

His best option is to run.
But what if your best isn’t good enough?

- Goodreads

So far I’m liking the fact that Edgar is such an average guy. He’s lived in his own little bubble of depression and denial for most of his life. Trudging through his very mundane life with very little empathy for anyone around him. He drinks away his feelings of guilt over his selfish approach to his family and the fact that he does as little as humanly possible. That is until asteroids start hitting the world. Hundreds of thousands of them, pulverizing the northern hemisphere until there is very little left. Those who survived the devastation are struggling, some coming together, trying to form a new civilisation that is reminiscent of what they had before, others becoming feral humans living day-to-day. Edgar and his family find shelter on an army barracks but food is scares and the news that rescue is on the way couldn’t have come fast enough. But Edgar and a few others are out foraging when the rescuers appear and now they find themselves alone with no hope of being picked up later.

That’s as far as I’ve got so far and its been very exciting and frustrating. Edgar whines alot but does very little to rectify anything. I’m hoping that we will see him transform over the course of the book, at least come to appreciate the efforts other people have gone to for him. I like the group that Edgar has been left with, and I love that even the older man is fitter than Edgar. :)

Parts of this book are really rather grim due to the detailed descriptions of corpses and the foul language the characters so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t appreciate a little bit of realistic horror. But if you liked books like Stations Eleven then this will be a great addition to your collection of apocalyptic reads!

Stay tuned for my review of the whole book next week!

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