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So I have smelly feet. Don’t know the why of it and you’re not interested in the details I’m sure. But I was getting pretty fed up with washing my 2 pairs of ‘sand shoes’ each week, I can tell you. So I set about looking for a pin, but I couldn’t find one in the tiny time frame I searched so I made up my own with what I knew. I didn’t really note down how much of everything I used unfortunately, so just eye-ball it!

First you’ll be needing:
A spray bottle
boiled water
Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
Lavender essential oil.

Once you’ve got the boiling water, add in a few tea spoons/shakes of the bicarb and stir it so it dissolves in the water. let it cool and then pour it into the bottle before adding as much lavender as you want.

And you’re done! I spray my shoes before I wear them and after I take them off. A few pumps in at the toes and then along to the heel.

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I’ve been wearing one pair of shoes all week and they smell far better after that week than they did after one day without this stuff!
Why does this work? Well, bicarb is an odour eater and lavender is antibacterial. Plus the boiled water will not go ‘off’ sitting about in a bottle.

You could probably use this as a deodorant too, though I’m yet to try it as I’m happy with my coconut oil and lavender mix. For a room spray I think you’d need far more essential oil that I’ve got in there for this.

If you don’t like lavender that’s not an issue, switch it for eucalyptus – also antibacterial! OR just a sent of your choice and let the bicarb do the work alone ( though you may need to add more).

I feel sort of a cheap skate, only having this for you this week, but it works so fantastically I had to share it!

I hope you find this useful and please link back to our blog if you share this recipe.

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