Book Stuff Sunday!


Our First Book Stuff Sunday!

As we have signed up for quite a few different book subscription boxes now and we are starting to buy quite a lot of book related items we thought we needed a special post that could celebrate the exciting book things we have received!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Emily Wibberley, author of one of our favourite books Sacrificed! (Reviews can be found HERE and HERE). I had won a giveaway on her website and she wanted to send me some book stuff! I never win anything so I was very very excited especially as I loved her book. I think this was also our first blog related parcel and I loved that she addressed it to our blog :)

Emily Wibberley

So What did I get? Well some rather pretty Last Oracle Stickers, some lovely bookmarks, and some ‘The Library of the Last Oracle’ name plates! Looks like I will just have to buy the paperback copies of this awesome series so I can put my nameplates in them :P So happy right now.

So Thank you Emily Wibberley for sending me these gorgeous gifts they are much appreciated!

Here are the books in her The Last Oracle series, click on the covers for links to goodreads.

Sacrificed Forsworn divined

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

What book things have you bought or received recently?


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