Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Us


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)


1 I write.

I love stories in all forms and I’ve even written some. OR at least I’ve started to write some…It’s been tailing off for a while now, most noticeably in the past year. I currently have what I call a ‘temporary’ computer which is a minibook laptop (connected to a lovely large screen) which seems to be full of NOTHING because all my documents are else where and the lack of word has been my excuse. But this year I hope to buy myself a desktop with a massive memory and participate in NaNoWriMo again (National November Writing Month.). I have so many stories started it’s crazy. What will I do with them Once they’ve finished? Read and enjoy them. Depending on what I think, I might just let someone else read it…

2 I don’t like traveling but I’d like to visit places.

Packing your life into a tiny container. Squishing into tiny spaces with a bunch of strangers. Not knowing where you are or where you’re trying to get to. Not my favourite things to do.I also hate that I find it really really hard to learn other languages. I’d love to just be in places and be able to be understood and to understand.

3 I’d love to be able to draw.

I almost can! Sometimes I can even paint too, but mostly I’m good with the little details. I wish I could just put pen/pencil/brush to paper and come up with something. For some reason I have sporadic artistic talent. Sometimes I do something and it looks fantastic and other times it looks like your average two year old had at it. Every now and then I consider teaching myself how to do it, but if I get the wrong day it looks like a scribble…

4 I have little concept of time.

I totally blame genetics for this. I have an autistic brother and he has no concept of time or money. I’m also dyslexic and I’m pretty sure these two points are things dyslexics have issues with too. I’ve built myself coming mechanisms – I set an alarm for when I should be starting to get ready to leave the house, I snooze it so that I’m informed when set amounts of time have passed. This way I’m only sort of late…

5 I want to learn the Beauty and the Beast Intro on the piano.

I love that song. The only problem is it looks pretty complex…
I learnt to play the piano as a child but I remember nothing. I taught myself to play Tragedy on the keyboard at secondary school for my music lessons, I remember nothing. Someday, even if I have to go through piano lessons again, I will play THIS SONG! Probably repeatedly and to everyone’s annoyance.


6 When I grow up…

When I was little I wanted to be a Naturalist. I wanted to be like David Attenborough or David Bellamy, but without having to go in front of the camera… obviously. I used to spend lots of my time reading through nature books, studying plants in the garden and bugs from our pond, digging things up… I even went to a nature reserve course to study animals – it mainly consisted of pulling apparent owl pellets but I still loved it. Some how though, all of that got lost as I grew up. I don’t know why…

7 I have a Degree in Graphic Design.

I still appreciate Graphic Design and I enjoy the odd project but I’m not disappointed that I never made it into a career. I couldn’t deal with the pressure of deadlines and the fact that sometimes my work was never going to be good enough. I spent so much of my degree, stressed to my eyeballs and it really stunted my creativity. I still panic when I think about it.

8 My Dad’s a Vicar!

I was surprised that, even at my wedding, some people didn’t realise my dad was the man at the front marrying us. I’m so proud of him and realise I really don’t shout about it enough. My Granddad was also a Vicar so I can honestly say my life has always been religiously influenced but it’s only recently that I’ve been able to say I am a Christian, I think because, when I was younger, I felt my belief was just an extension of everyone elses. It’s only now, as I listen and read and want to understand, that I’ve started to believe for myself.

9 I’m a Worker Ant.

I hate to be the center of attention. I’d much rather work in the background. I’ve always struggled with self confidence and I hate to do new things because I don’t want to mess up and draw attention to myself. What I love to do is work behind people, support people, help people. I like to feel part of a team, just set me on a task and I’ll work as hard as I can to help you, (yes that’s me – the people pleaser).

10 One Day…

One day I’d love to own a VW Camper Van. One exactly like this…
When I was little we used to go on holiday in our Caravan and I hated it, I didn’t understand why we always went on holiday in the UK and never went on a plane to somewhere hot and exotic just like all the other kids in school. But now I’m older I have this urge for nostalgic UK holidays. I feel a VW Camper Van would be the perfect vehicle to cruise around the UK visiting all those historical landmarks I seriously under appreciated as a child.

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6 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Us

  1. lry93

    I have very little sense of time either! I could go for ages reading and it would seem like it has only been five minutes … or when I go for a nap! I really want to go places but I am bad traveller in the sense that I get sick and throw up depending on what form of travelling I am taking…so it doesn’t happen often! Great facts!

  2. Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    I barely have any sense of time myself, and so I’m ALWAYS afraid of being late and not leaving the house in time, which would suck big time, because the bus I’m going to the capital city with – where most of my friends live and I go to school – only comes once every hour… or not even that frequently. So mostly, when I have to go somewhere, I’ll be looking at clock constantly even when I know that only a few minutes went by.

    One of my close friends wants a VW Camper Van exactly like the one in the picture. She’s so crazy about them that whenever she sees one similar to that in the street she gets super-excited and can’t concentrate on anything for awhile afterward. :D

    Awesome facts!

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

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