What’s In The Box: Illumicrate – The Grisha Edition (Oct ’17)

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ILLUMICRATE is a quarterly, UK based book subscription box. Each crate contains a newly released book, no more than 30 days before shipping, from different genres and a variety of between 3 and 6 fun things. Examples are bookmarks, candles, stationery, tote bags, prints, and other small items that book lovers are sure to enjoy. Check out their Past Boxes for an example of what to expect. Sometimes the books are sent out before the release date and periodically the box features a variety of extras – sometimes including an ARC! Boxes cost £29.99 – free postage to the UK, international postage ranges from £4.99 – £13.99. Unlike other book boxes this box does not have a theme.
This is the first time they’ve done a special themed box and it was a lot more expensive! I don’t know if they will do more.

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In this box we got:

1. Os Alta, Ketterdam and Djerholm post cards – Posternaut
2. Nikolai Lantsov woodmark – Ink and Wonder
3. The Taylor lip balm – Literary Lip Balm
4.Enamal mug – Temporary Places
5. Dirtyhands charcoal Soap – Butter Bar Soapery
6. Sun Summoner tea – T-ology
7. Book sleeve – Sparrow + Wolf
8. Midnight Tales candle – Book & Glow
9. Tote bag – Charlie Bowater
10. Enamel  pin set – Fable & Black 
11. Crow socks - Illumicrate 
12.Foil cover notebook – Team Bkmrk
13. The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo


My thoughts:

I immediately regretted ordering this box after I had done so – it was expensive and I didn’t get on quite so well with The Grisha Trilogy as I wished I had, but I’d just cancelled an american box and stopped an Australian one so I was a little concerned with the amount of boxes I had left for these posts! (I didn’t need to worry, but I do). This box was jam packed though!

I think my favourite item has to be the book sleeve! Not just because I’m really liking them right now, but because it’s so pretty! It’s got the amplifiers on it, can you see? I put the fantastically illustrated book inside it straight away.

I also love the pins! I’ve become quite a fan of pins – not sure why, I don’t put them on anything! I look forward to trying the soap but I have a real backlog right now, so it may be some time…
Sea storm and gingerbread is the candles’s scent. Doesn’t sound like it would go, right? But it does. The sea storm is what you smell first and the gingerbread lingers behind and it has pretty turquoise and golden brown glitter on top!

The notebook was actually really nice! And the Nikolai Lantsov bookmark is fun. I quite liked him, I’m looking forward to his own series.
I’m going to save the bag until I’ve read Six of Crows which I hope to do in November. And I might just do it while drinking the Sun Summoner tea!

A pretty fun box and I would consider getting another special box from them in the future.

(Gallery to go up on Instagram around the same time as this post)

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