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Make it Monday: Teamonade



You want to pay attention on how to make this stuff trust me.

I had some of this when in the Carolinas last year. I have no idea what they call it, iced tea and lemon maybe, but I call it teamonade.
When I got back home after my adventures in the deep south, I wanted more. Of course not having a name or anything I sort of had to make it up. This is how I did it.

First I found a basic lemonade recipe:

One cup sugar
One cup water
One cup of lemon juice
Ice cold water to dilute to taste

Add cup of water and sugar to a pan and boil. Cool the syrup. Meanwhile juice as many lemons as fills the cup (can be about 9 large ones, depending on how fresh they are, older lemons seem to give more juice) . Add the juice to the cooled syrup and add water to taste.

 And then I did THIS with it:

Add a cup of sugar and a cup of water to a pan and boil it to make a syrup, leave it to cool. Juice enough lemons to fill a cup and add to the syrup.

                20140726_154033                            20140726_154929


Next make yourself a nice big jug of tea! You might want to add a little sugar to the tea too (at this point I usually have to separate the juice/syrup mix  in to two jugs.)

                 20140726_160254                      20140726_160038

Then add the tea to the two jugs. Keep going with tea until you have the right balance. I go till the jugs are full, but I like mine lemony.

    20140726_162327           20140726_162345


This stuff goes pretty quickly! Rarely lasts a day. I’ve also tried this with strawberries. Less syrup though, because strawberries dont have the same kind of kick to counteract the sweet. A lemon/strawberry hybrid might be perfect!!

Happy experimenting!



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