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REPOST Review: Storm and Stone

By Joss Stirling

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“What kind of offer?” “If you’d just rinse the soap off, I’ll explain.” –96%

Title: Storm and Stone
Author: Joss Stirling
Book: stand alone
Genre: YA
Found: Amazon Daily Deal
Rating: 3.5 voodoos

Raven Stone has always been the odd one out at her prestigious boarding school, a scholarship student, the wealthy youth around her continuously look down on her. Recently their comments and glares have got worse and her friends are dwindling, the new boys Joe and Kieran don’t seem to mind though and instantly befriend her. Not a moment too soon as not long after this everything takes a turn for the sinister. Students disappear and return different people and a ‘practical joke’ is nearly fatal.
Joe and Kieran have a very specific reason for being at this exclusive school. There are reasons they cant share with Raven, which makes her relationship with Kieran rocky, will she trust her gut and follow the smartest boy she’s ever met into a world of intrigue?

I’m pretty sure I liked this book more than I thought I would, but there were a few points that meant I didn’t love it. I liked the idea of this and though it seems to be a standalone, I’d like to see more of these guys. There was a bust up at one point and I simply rolled my eyes and kept going. They got over it just as quickly too.

Another puny review. Must write a nice big one next time!



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